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vincent franco
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Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Aug 29 2002
unless tux still looks constipated - Aug 29 2002
no he's not constipated hehehe

he's just smashing redmond. i just havent drawn in the flames on the buildings or bothered to make the buildings better. - Aug 24 2002
Liquid Blue Theme

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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Aug 28 2002
everything matches and works together!

very smooth.. pay attention people!this is how its done

notice this he has the same icons and same ol liquid...BUT its not the same old screenshot that everyone has. it is his! this is customization.

i would award you even more points is i could just because you made your desktop look different using the same stuff everyone else has (even more difficult IMHO)

- Aug 28 2002
Swetlana KDE Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 1 comment

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Aug 23 2002
i like this simple and it works. thank you and i will have fun with it....the wallpaper...not your girlfriend ;) - Aug 23 2002
clean desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots 21 comments

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Aug 23 2002
sorry i hurt your non screenshot viewing eyes - Aug 23 2002
the plan was for this to be released at the end of august but college started back up for me in the middle of august

there will be a delay.

i am however going to packacg up what i have done right now and release it soon...but sorry there will be no installer so all the handiwork must be done by the end user.

sorry again - Aug 23 2002
check your email you have some goodies in there too.

im just reluctant to post stuff like this since minimalistic stuff hasnt really caught on here yet. and the earlier windec got voted off in like 5mins :(

peace - Aug 11 2002
i sent you the early windec and color scheme - Aug 11 2002
but the only thing is about half of the iconset isnt done so some things look funky :) - Aug 10 2002
replacement throbber

Various Stuff 9 comments

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Aug 13 2002

forgive me for lagging on responses and taking my sweet time with my releases but college has started back up so my free time is veeeerrry limited - Aug 23 2002
its actually a modified version of my windec here - Aug 23 2002
just something i whipped up in 3dsmax.....

would you could you send me a pic of the error? - Aug 14 2002
thanks for the tip! :) - Aug 14 2002
My Lindows Desktop

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Aug 21 2002
and i dont have to search for hours looking for other programs (libaries? you mean?) just so i can install what i want.

i use gentoo and its as easy as

emerge kde

in the console.

and it will get everysingle package i need and compile it in the right order even if i dont have X it gets it.

same with everything else.

and im always running the latest bleeding edge software.

updating is as easy as

emerge -u system && emerge -u world
- Aug 22 2002
and no i wasnt bashing him for his distro choice.

the screenshot is just not anything new as i stated.

or we could just post our keramik+liquid+osx stuff everday till the end of time.

fine with me - Aug 22 2002
i award you no points for doing nothing new. and nothing intresting that we all havent seen a thousand times before.

plus your running lindows...and it looks like your using root?! as you main account.

in the world of count dracula...bleh! bleh! - Aug 21 2002
*nice* screenshot (?)

KDE Plasma Screenshots 13 comments

by KoRn
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Aug 18 2002
jesus my analogies are awful. and even worse when im tired - Aug 19 2002
i was going to say something about how it looks like an engineers desktop. or something of the sort.

just think of it as a living space...

now you wouldnt go in a empty room and throw in a cool flat screen HDTV with a 70's puke green couch from goodwill and some futuristic lights with a wood floor. it would look terrible.

just stick to a theme and carry it through everthing. no in betweens

and it will look cool

but you do a better job with your desktop then my co-worker (who is also a programmer)

but he now just makes me hand over whatever look im using on my box to him (changes from month to month) - Aug 19 2002
im sorry but this desktop is horribly thrown together. next time try a more solid theme

have everything matching or at least complimenting each other.


i see nothing new different. or tasteful in this shot.
- Aug 18 2002
Penguin Desk Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Aug 13 2002
i just wish there was no pot leafs in the background - Aug 14 2002
2round - 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

by dave
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Aug 11 2002
i like this wp very much keep up the good work - Aug 11 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

by Lee
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Aug 11 2002
this rocks! - Aug 10 2002
IcOsX Theme 0.7

Icon Sub-Sets 124 comments

by shok
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Nov 08 2002
but i would never tell anyone not to drink beer ;) unless of course they were drinking all of mine :) - Aug 09 2002
i just find it funny. I had these icons for kde a long time ago. all of my co-workers use macs and they thought it was cool that my desktop sitting next the theirs looked just like a row of lcd macs but.... it gets old. even they want to re-theme and i have long since moved away from the aqua look.

i just fiqure for customizing a desktop its all about design..not who can release the best/worst aqua icons/windec/style this week.

while these are excellent icons. i believe these are a direct port from macosx. i just grow tired of OSXclone desktop's...

I see different color schemes posted on this site for liquid!. i mean come on...anyone can change their color scheme...i just want to see something different...not what macosx icons can i download this week. not whos desktop screenshot can pile on the most icons and show us a transparent kicker + macosx icons + aquawindec

its been done. and done and done a thousand times over.

but dont get me wrong. i love beer BUT if i drink beer and nothing but beer... i get sick of it!and want something wait bad analogy that doesnt happen to me! ;)

but you know what i'm trying to say :)
- Aug 09 2002
everyone and their grandma has OSX icons. getting a little old IMHO. - Aug 08 2002
Kitten splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 15 comments

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Aug 07 2002
cool how you used something different from the normal kde startup icons. little paws to the "k" works through and through...just makes me think of the picture where the domokuns are chasing it - Aug 07 2002