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Manolo Barea , Spain
Amarok 2.x Scripts
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Oldies Radio Stations

Amarok 2.x Scripts 5 comments

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Nov 26 2010
Did it as you said. Thx. - Nov 26 2010
just uncompress in ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/scripts

Then enable in script manager window.

There are some users that have problem with last one, other way is to edit the file ~/kde4/share/config/amarokrc

and add this line o change this line in plugins section

Oldies RadioEnabled=true.

Hope to be useful
- Nov 26 2010
Spanish Radio

Amarok 2.x Scripts 47 comments

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Apr 01 2013
I can't use it in Amarok 2.3.1

Is it possible? - Jul 25 2010