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Paul B , Belgium
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Mar 28 2016
The Dark-Arc-OSX and the Darker-Arc-OSX already follow the headerbar color set.
So only the Arc-OSX and/or DF-Arc-OSX would need this new solution we worked out? - Apr 14 2016
Never mind, Also found the setting for the icon-color.


Is this what you want?
- Apr 14 2016
So I managed (with your help) to reproduce the same within the DF-Arc-OSX version:


Problem with that is that the icons on the leftsidebar are to light... - Apr 14 2016
What did you change in the CSS? - Apr 14 2016
Working on it... - Apr 14 2016
Meaning what?
- Making the left sidebar white on Arc-OSX and DF-Arc-OSX? - Apr 14 2016
Should be updated now... - Apr 14 2016
It's Budgie (on Solus OS) - Apr 03 2016
I've put allot of effort into it. So, ya, thanks - Mar 29 2016
Well, I've installed Chrome stable and it themes as it should. (using gnome 3.18) But if you change themes you really should logout (or even restart) to make the theme actually work properly. It does not always work directly. - Mar 22 2016
There's a Arc theme for Google Chrome:

Should do the trick... - Mar 22 2016
Yes, I've tested it on the live-ISO and it seems to work fine. However I increased the default font-size of gnome shell to 10. Re-uploading it now. - Mar 20 2016
In the meantime I've uploaded a new version, with more support for gnome shell. Give it a go, will you? - Mar 20 2016
I have added a metacity-theme for all variants. Check it out now... - Mar 19 2016
These are 'cut down'-versions of the original Arc theme, especially made for- and optimized to work with the Solus OS, by Horst3180 (the original author of the Arc theme) It should work though on gnome 3.18, because this is also based on gnome 3.18. Are you able to choose ARC-OSX (or their variants) in the Tweak-tool? - Mar 19 2016
Are you working on the Solus OS? It works only with this, because there is no metacity or gnome-shell support.

- Mar 19 2016
Vertex - Theme

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Sep 09 2017
But I'm surprised that your Arc-theme is not available here at It is -by far- the best theme. - Mar 29 2016
Arc Orange

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by eti_
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May 23 2016
OK! I tested the 3.18 and now it works fine.
By the way, did you change everything yourself? This is the work of an expert... The orange-ing of all the graphics is superb. You obviously know what you are doing... - Mar 21 2016
Just tested it on Ubuntu 16.04 gnome: same problem. The side-bar of nautilus should be dark. While all the items on the side-bar are white. This is because this Ubuntu uses gtk 3.18 I believe. So yes, there is a difference between the different GTK-versions.

That is the disadvantage of providing a theme on gnome-look. You either stick to your version or upload the other (GTK 3.14 and GTK 3.18) in separate downloads - Mar 21 2016
Well, I currently use Solus OS, with the budgie desktop and gnome 3.18. So it could be a Solus-thing-related problem: the side-bar of nautilus is not theming right. I have a live-iso of ubuntu gnome 16.04. I'll see if it has the same problem. - Mar 21 2016
Sorry, I can't help you there. I never compile it. I use the actual files and copy them to my '.themes'-folder. And work on it from that location. Whenever I change it, I test it live by reselecting it in the tweak tool. In fact I work live with the theme that I use. Allot easier...

I see that you have chosen GTK 3.16 for the downloadable theme. Why not 3.18? - Mar 21 2016
Well, as it happens, I'm working with the Arc theme too. (the ARC-OSX-theme).

I do not work with github, but with the actual files. Simply changing things (CSS en GTKRC) with gedit-editor. Github is good for collaborating with others, but it is to cumbersome when working alone. Anyway: what do you want me to change? - Mar 21 2016
...And change the index.theme of every theme to the new names. - Mar 21 2016
So I've downloaded your file, extracted it and found 3 files within your Arc-Orange-Theme file. Which are named exactly the same as the original arc theme. If you happen to have installed the original arc theme, then your files conflict.

You should rename the files to something like :

-Arc - Mar 21 2016
...but I think you overestimate the knowledge of the average user on gnome-look. You should supply an easy way to make it install-able. A github-page is not very user-friendly. - Mar 20 2016
OSX-style Arc theme for Solus

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Mar 09 2016
Credit goes to Horst3180 for creating the arc theme. And the buttons are readily available. Just join them, make an XFWM4-theme and tweak the GTK3 to adjust the button spacing and replace the window-buttons. That is all I have done.

You should know that this downloadable is purposely build to work on the Solus desktop, there is no metacity-support for GTK2-applications. - Mar 09 2016

by paulxfce

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9   Dec 29 2016