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julio julio
Humanfied Orbs

Metacity Themes by dobee 4 comments

Which GTK theme are you using here?

And I love this Metacity theme BTW.

;-) - Sep 03 2009
Embarassingly Simple

Compiz Themes by ralexm 4 comments

I really like this emerald theme, but pray tell which GTK theme are you using in the screenshot.

Thank you

- Julio - Feb 18 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 95 comments

The archive must be corrupted, I get errors when I extract it. - Feb 06 2008
Murrina gtk pack

GTK2 Themes by bvc 6 comments

Classic and classy. - May 10 2007
Levitating Ubuntu/SuSE/Gentoo Gnu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mandha 4 comments

Could you possibly make one of these lovely wallpapers with the Gentoo logo/name thrown in there? Thank you in advance. I really like this work. - Sep 14 2005
Linux Durruti

Wallpaper Other by manxopar 4 comments

Being that much of the linux philosophy goes well with the notion of decentralization found in Anarchism, I'd love to see more politicaly charged items on here. - Apr 28 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by digitex 2 comments

Exactly how would I go about installing this? I've yet to ever change my gnome icon so any help would be much appreciated. - Mar 31 2005

Wallpapers Ubuntu by jax2000 3 comments

I really really like this one. For once something of the usual stuff you find on here!

Off the hook, yo. - Mar 29 2005
Linux Sound Good

Wallpaper Other by ennx 7 comments

there is a big typo on this wallpaper. The only reason I've chosen not to append it to my small collection.

The line should read:
"Linux... soundS good"

You need the "s" at the end of 'sound' since it is the third-person, singular.

I'd like to see an update of this. - Mar 10 2005
Ubuntu Hoary

Gnome Screenshots by sztywny 5 comments

Which and where did you get that xmms skin?

Thank you. - Feb 18 2005
Simple Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by malegria 4 comments

Here's the link, it's @ - Feb 05 2005
Simple Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by malegria 4 comments

Here's the link, it's @ - Feb 05 2005
Simple Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by malegria 4 comments

Here's the link, it's @ - Feb 05 2005
Linux is sexy

Wallpaper Other by NetRAVEN5000 21 comments

Aesthetically, you spelled "aesthetically" incorrectly. And yes, a very crappy job besides the objectification argument.

But I'm not one for censorship. If it were some guy's larger *member,* I could care less.

Judeo-christian morals are for sheep. - Dec 29 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by dannya 149 comments

I also get errors when I try to install it via kcontrol. - Dec 22 2004
KDE Slackware Female

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by SailHarder420 11 comments

i generally do not approve of such objectification of women, but to claim that all Americans are "heathens" or "pornographers" is ridiculous. And how archaic are you by calling them "heathens"; what is this, the 15th century? - Dec 05 2004

Network by mkoebele 175 comments

I´ve just installed Apollon with the exec file...and every time I start a search, it crashes.

Anybody have this problem? Found a way to fix it? Anybody?

Thanks - Nov 22 2004