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Malaz Malaz Salmon Arm, Canada
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Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
Check out SmoothTasks, a branch of this. It's under active development.

If the author ever comes back: great plasmoid, I love how configurable it is compared to default plasma task viewer. Thanks! - Jan 10 2010
WorldMap Blue/Orange/Red/Green/Purple

Wallpaper Other 26 comments

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Apr 25 2010
Looks great... but my desktop is a 4:3 aspect ratio...

Release a fullscreen version? - Jul 27 2008
Hardy-Simple Colors GDM 2

GDM Themes 13 comments

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May 05 2008
Great, but would be much much improved if the black bar on the bottom matched the colour of each theme (e.g. blue for the blue theme). - Jun 27 2008
ublendtu studio

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 17 2008
A full GNOME theme would be great! I use blender on Ubuntu Studio as well, so this would be perfect. Keep up the good work! - May 27 2008
ubuntu plasma

Wallpapers Ubuntu 7 comments

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Jan 08 2008
Looks great, but could you release a version without the ubuntu text/logo on it? I'm using debian, and an ubuntu wallpaper, no matter how cool, would look odd... - Apr 19 2008
Icy Linux

Wallpaper Other 15 comments

by Malaz
Score 50.0%
May 25 2008
Actually, stuff like this is really easy to do in Blender, especially with the right materials. I'm no GIMP savant, but I think it would be quite difficult to do something like this in 2D. If you're interested in the greatness that is Blender:

Thanks to Paratron for the Ice material. It is awesome. - Mar 14 2008
Yeah, I know who "they" are. However, mostly they're talking about 'babe' ubuntu wallpapers (ie take someone else's photo and paste an ubuntu logo on top). Also, there is a debian version as well. If anyone wants a version for their operating system, just post a message here... I think I have the .blend somewhere, and new ones are ridiculously easy to make. - Mar 14 2008
I rendered this with the Blender internal. - Mar 07 2008
Hey, since 1920x1200 is widescreen(ish), do you want the ubuntu logo in the center, or off to the right? I'll post both right now, but I'm running out of space (750Kb max), so one of them will have to go.

Malaz. - Jan 06 2008
Sure. It only takes my comp about 5 min to render, so any resolutions you want will be uploaded. However, I don't have any webhosting, so they will all have to be included with the one allowed download, in a tarball archive. - Jan 06 2008
Thanks. I've made a debian version as well, now uploaded. - Jan 05 2008

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jul 13 2007
Just so you know: "Forrest" is more accurately spelled "Forest". Horrifying brutalizations of the English language aside, this looks better than a majority of the content on this site (which admittedly isn't saying very much). - Jan 24 2008

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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May 22 2008
According to babelfish:

I have as much liked your to wallpaper that I have created gdm, splash and boot for my ubuntu, if you want envio and you hang it in gnome.look, as you see it.

My email Saludosas.

...yeah. Don't translate with babelfish. Ever. - Jan 08 2008
GNU Linux Gray

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 15 2008
This is great, thanks for responding to my request. - Jan 08 2008
GNU Linux

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Dec 15 2008
A dark grey background would be awesome. Possibly with blue(ish) text? Something along those lines would be great. As it is, it's pretty cool. - Jan 06 2008
debwood wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

by zuhi
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Jan 06 2008
Sorry for the multiple comments... I have no idea why it happened. I didn't press the submit button multiple times, I didn't retype it thrice. Odd. - Jan 06 2008
Go here for the (original) ubuntu version, as well as debian/ubuntu logos on a black background. - Jan 06 2008
Go here for the (original) ubuntu version, as well as debian/ubuntu logos on a black background. - Jan 06 2008
Go here for the (original) ubuntu version, as well as debian/ubuntu logos on a black background. - Jan 06 2008
Wow. Cool, thanks. - Jan 06 2008
Looks great!
Can you made an ubuntu version too? - Jan 06 2008
Fluid Desktop

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

by TMT78
Score 50.0%
Aug 11 2006
Cool, but I think it would look better with a simple black or blue backdrop, rather than a gradiant. Also, you should try doing the fluid sim with a bit higher res, as the fact that it is low(er) res is noticable. Overall, a really cool wallpaper. - Jan 06 2008
Debian 3D (Simple)

Wallpapers Debian 4 comments

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Dec 14 2007
Agreed. Debian is the same as ubuntu in that it uses GNOME, but no-one objects to ubuntu wallpapers on GNOME-look. - Jan 05 2008
red balls

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Feb 27 2006
Or making both ends perfect mirrors with 10 samples, basically the same effect, but minus the part about killing your computer... - Jan 05 2008

Metacity Themes 3 comments

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Jan 05 2008
Odd... It's transparent over other windows and icons, but over black it's brown. Try making it white, since the 'transparent' parts are white. - Jan 05 2008