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Maciej  , Poland
Plasma 5 Applets
Server Status Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets 16 comments

by MakG
Score 79.2%
Sep 07 2017
Are you using the version available here or the latest code from github? Notification options are not available in version uploaded here, I haven't tested them enough. I'll try to release new version soon. The "command" option in current version here is for probing the server. - Aug 29 2018
What if you explicitly run a particular shell? Something like `zsh -c "ping %hostname% -c 2"`? - Mar 30 2018
Yes, I will release an update next week. - Oct 06 2017
Thanks for the feedback!
I'm not really sure about the voting, maybe it shows up once there is enough minimum number of votes? - Sep 26 2017
Bitcoin Price Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets 4 comments

by MakG
Score 65.0%
Aug 22 2018
You can test your changes from command line (root project directory where the is):
`plasmoidviewer --applet package`

To install plasmoid with new sources:
`plasmapkg2 -i package` - Jan 03 2018
Hi, I made a Litecoin version as a seperate plasmoid, you can find it here: - Sep 16 2017

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

Score 64.5%
Mar 21 2009
I don't know if someone mentioned that before but draging and droping applications to each desktop icons would be useful feature. - May 28 2009

Icon Sub-Sets
by djaany

Score 72.2%
Jun 02 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

Score 64.5%
Jun 18 2009

by CraigD

Score 87.9%
9   Dec 14 2012
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

Score 87.0%
9   May 12 2012