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Marcus  Münster, Germany
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Aug 18 2019
Thank you! I've added the missing symlinks. - Aug 18 2019
Ok, I've taken a look at it. The necessary icons are available, but those three menu items in Thunar seem to be Linux Lite specific and are closely tied to the default Papirus icon theme. So it seems they cannot be changed by another icon theme. If you know any icon theme (except Papirus) which is able to change these three menu items, please let me know... - Jul 14 2019
the project is still active, yes, but I haven't had the time yet to look at the missing icons. Anyway, thank you for reporting this problem so far. I'll try to figure them out within the next weeks. It should be fixed with the next update. - Jun 26 2019
added :-) - Apr 29 2019
Damn, it's fallen by the wayside during staging. Ok, now it's there (v 1.8) - Mar 30 2019
Big thanks! They're added and release 1.7 is out. But not sure when it hits the AUR :-)
OffTopic: Dein Englisch ist verständlich genug und der Rest der Welt kann's ja ruhig auch lesen ;-) Aber geht mir genauso. Ich muss ab und an auch mal DeepL heranziehen ;-) Gruß aus Münster! - Mar 27 2019
If you can figure them out this would be helpful, thanks!
I'll take a look at it. My Fedora is still on GNOME 3.30 ;-)
- Mar 27 2019
Blender and FileZilla are already in. Are they not shown on your desktop? Which DE / distribution are you using?
DBeaver will come with the next release. - Oct 22 2018
Hi, the Ubuntu menu icon (3x3 dots) cannot be changed via icon pack, afaik. You need a Gnome-Shell-theme which overrides the menu icon. - Oct 12 2018
Hi, I've added the new Document View and Contacts icons (the icon reference has changed in Gnome 3.30 ...once again). And I've replaced some of the obsidian styled sidebar-icons with those from Adwaita. This should bring Delft more closer to the original Faenza. Enjoy! - Oct 12 2018
Thanks! :) Most of these icons are already there. If they don't show up on your screen, the .desktop-file of these apps might have a static icon path... - Jul 02 2018
Thank you! Faience-NG looks great! If you need more icons, feel free to take everything you need from Delft or Obsidian :-) - Jul 02 2018
Ok, it's added (pcsx2 aswell) - Jul 02 2018
Ok, they're added. - May 17 2018
...done. Enjoy! - Feb 27 2018
Not that much. Should be finished by the end of the week :-) - Feb 26 2018
Hi, thank you for the suggestion/report.
It will be fixed within the final release in one week or two... :-) - Jan 22 2018
Hi, thanks for reporting. Should be fixed now. - Jan 22 2018
Obsidian Icon Theme

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Jul 14 2019
this app has a static icon path. The icon is already there, but you'll have to change it manually using alacarte or menulibre - Jul 14 2019
added. - Jul 14 2019
added. - Jul 14 2019
Great! I've put it in the description. - May 12 2019
Hi charlie, very glad you like it!
And special thanks for your reviews on YouTube! :-) I'll keep it up. - Mar 31 2019
Ok, they're added. The Inkscape icon is a little bit too simple, the original Faenza one is done better imho, even if it's not that close to the default Inkscape icon. I'm working on a compromise... - Feb 08 2019
Ok, they're added. PHPStorm has a static icon path. Youl'll have to change it manually. - Feb 08 2019
Hi, silver variant is added now. Enjoy! - Nov 25 2018
It is :-)
I've added them in the latest release (v4.3) - Aug 31 2018
Ok, it's added. - May 09 2018
Yes, you can use alacarte or menulibre to change every single app icon. Both should be available in the Ubuntu-Repos. Good luck! - May 03 2018
...will come with the next release :-) - Apr 30 2018
These two apps are installed as snaps by default, which use a static icon path. Just uninstall them, and then reinstall them from the ubuntu-bionic source. Both versions are shown in the software center. The source is mentioned below the app description. - Apr 30 2018
Are you using the latest release? - This bug has been fixed in version 4.0.1. - Apr 30 2018
Hi, thanks for reporting! It has been fixed in version 4.0.1 - Apr 19 2018
ok, they're added. JDownloader was already there. If the icon isn't shown, it maybe has a static icon-path in the .desktop-file of the app. - Apr 18 2018
added :-) - Mar 03 2018
no problem, it will come with the next release. - Feb 15 2018
I'm still thinking about ways of replacing single icons which are easy enough to manage for both the user and me :-)
Do you want back the "old" terminal icon from some versions ago (the completely dark one) or the "old" Faenza terminal icon (with the white frame) ? - Feb 15 2018
Hi malabiba,
I've taken a look at the package in the AUR. Seems that Gravit designer now uses a fixed icon-path, so it cannot be changed by a theme anymore. You'll have to change it manually with menulibre or alacarte. Good luck! - Jan 12 2018
...and here it is :-) - Nov 18 2017
No problem, you're not the first one. Maybe I have to better point it out in the comment.
If you like, I can publish a beta release...let's say by the end of the week.... - Nov 14 2017
Thanks for your reply. It's very good to know that apparently there are lots of other people out there who, like me, don't like the "flatification" and "Androidification" of the Linux desktop. But please note: It is not (and has never been) the goal of this project to be a Faenza-Continuation. It's just what I'm using on my own desktop. I really love the photorealistic app icons of Faenza (imho even better than the icons on macOS), but I don't like the folders of Faenza. The mimetypes are great on light themes but they do not really fit to dark themes... there the contrast is too much intensive imho.
But I've good news for you: I'm currently working on a new project which will be a Faenza-Continuation: All the Faenza stuff plus the app icons I created for Obsidian. Should be ready for launch in January :-) - Nov 13 2017
Obsidian 1

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Sep 17 2017
No, it is ony compatible with gtk 3.18 and below. These distributions use gtk 3.22.
But the successor, Obsidian 2, is compatible: - Feb 08 2019

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2 days ago
Technically it's working, yes, but Mate-support is still under development. The windows, menus, etc are skinned properly but the Mate-specific elements (Panels) will look ugly... - Dec 13 2018
Obsidian 2

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Aug 24 2019
''The download-links haven't been changed. They're pointing at the different color branches at Github. The blue theme is "master" - Jul 04 2018
Thanks for reporting, it's fixed now! :-) - May 01 2018
ok, it's fixed now. Thanks for reporting! - May 01 2018
Yes it can. The frontends of Kdenlive and VLC are written in Qt. So if you go into your Qt-Configs you can change the appearence: Select "gtk" and all the Qt-written windows will be styled like the other windows written in gtk. - Apr 06 2018
why not - here it is... - Apr 04 2018
Hi, xfce-support is currently under development. The actual version is not tested with xfce, so I'd recommend using another theme atm. - Feb 26 2018
Hi Evert,
ab jetzt ja :-) Hätte ich schon längst tun sollen...
so long,
Marcus - Nov 14 2017
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9   Feb 14 2018