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Jun 24 2014
Scrollpeak is sadly not working with compiz 0.9.x, just as opacify doesn't work. - Sep 25 2011
You must have multiple versions of the dockbarx python module installed. That's usually a result of having installed DockbarX both from ppa and manaully. Search your harddrive for say files. The one from the ppa should be located somewhere under /usr/share/pyshared/, manually installed files is normally under /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages. - Sep 19 2011
Oh, TBarnes has been quick in updating the ppa if it's 0.47 is out already. :)

I check the deb-file it has the correct file in it, so the problem must be elsewhere. You haven't installed DockbarX from any other source or manually lately? If you add DockbarX to a gnome panel and open the about dialog, what version does it say that you are running? - Sep 19 2011
I'm not explaining myself well enough. Webupd8's DockbarX 0.46-1 is NOT DockbarX 0.46.1 it's just a second packaging of DockbarX 0.46. You'll have to wait. - Aug 20 2011
Are you really using DockbarX 0.46.1? In webupd8 ppa there is a 0.46-1 release, a second packaging of the 0.46 source.

Sadly I have no idea how to make Chromium believe that Unity isn't running while making libunity believe it is. I've already made a bug report against libunity but you could perhaps make on against chromium, asking for an advanced option to not hide the buttons even if unity is running. - Aug 20 2011
Yes. I already got a bug report and fixed the bug. If no other serious bugs turns up within the next 24 hours I'll put up a new version with the bugfix. Feels a bit silly making a new version where only four chars are added to the code. :) - Aug 17 2011
Porting dockbarx as a Gnome Shell extension would require a rewrite in javascript if I'm not mistaken. The reason making the dock was partly for people to be able to use it together with gnome shell. I intend to improve the theming ability of the dock so that it fits better with gnome shell. - Aug 15 2011
sorry, I meant

sudo ./ -vn install - Jul 06 2011
There's no atomatic uninstaller, sadly uninstallers aren't supported by distutils. If you run ./ -vn you'll see where the packages are installed so that you can remove them.

The python files are installed in a folder that ends with

and a egg-info file like this one is made: Dockbarx-0.45.egg-info

That folder and file is what you need to remove before switching to the ppa. - Jul 06 2011
1. As you can guess from my reply to the comment above yours I would love some help with porting dockbarx to a navite xfce panel plugin. Contact me via launchpad.

2. I'm not sure how you mean. Dragging from where to where? - Jun 30 2011
I've actually looked into that the last few days, but there's not alot of documentation on writing panel plugins for xfce in python. So the answers is maybe. - Jun 29 2011
No, DockbarX has never had ungrouping and - sorry - it never will. DockbarX shows applications on the taskbar, nothing else. Multiple identical icons on the taskbar shouldn't improve your productivity it only divides your focus between the work you do and remembering which icon that was which window. This is a contrast to the idea behind DockbarX, that your pinned applications never move so that you can launch, switch windows and do other things with the pinned application just by using muscle memory, not actively diverting the focus from the work you do.

Bare with me, my profession is teaching and because of that I rather try to learn the users what *I* think is the right way than to give them what they believe they want. ;)

Sometimes you need fast switching between windows of the same application, for that I've developed the locked list. And I've also spent some time on improving the scroll-wheel window switching to make it as easy and fast as possible to use.
- Jun 16 2011
Ok. Nothing in your log is related to compiz scale. There was another little bug though, thanks for that.

Check in compiz settings manager if the D-Bus plugin is active. - Jun 13 2011
Oh, perhaps I should recommend a fix too and not just rant...

For compiz scale please send in the ~/.dockbarx/log/dockbarx.log if you can't get it to work. If you really want opacify back you'll have to downgrade compiz. Here are instructions to do so. Read the disclaimers before going ahead. - Jun 13 2011
Opacify doesn't work because of compiz 0.9.x I'm afraid it never will again. :( Opacify was pretty much an ugly hack that used compiz brightness, saturn and opacity plugin in a way it wasn't meant to be used.

Compiz scale should work with dockbarx 0.44, earlier versions didn't work with compiz 0.9.x. - Jun 13 2011
Right, of course. I didn't think at all about the order when I implemented this feature so the order will be completely random I guess. I'll fix it to the next version. Thanks for reporting. - Jun 12 2011
No. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Do you mean that there's a bug in opacify that makes windows not being opacified some times and that you think a delay would be a workround for that bug?

I can't test myself since I use compiz 9.2 and opacify doens't work with it. :( Do deselecting "use smooth fade in/fade out" help at all? - Jun 11 2011
Thanks. You seems to have one none working theme and there's a spelling error in the error handler. I will wait a few days to see if any more bugs comes in and and then make a bug fix release. Right now you can fix this bug by edit the file /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/dockbarx/ by running

sudo gedit /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/dockbarx/

and in row 160 change exeption to exception. - Jun 11 2011
Autohide will come in the next version. Probably. - Jun 10 2011
Do you have any errors in ~/.dockbarx/log/dockbarx.log? - Jun 10 2011
No, it doesn't work in gnome3 panel yet. Next release hopefully. I found a document on how to turn gnome2 applets into gnome3 applet but the instructions weresn't written specifically for applet written in python so... - Jun 09 2011
I was lazy and kind of answered this question already in the comment below instead of doing it twice. :) - May 03 2011
This is a bug in compiz. There's nothing to do but wait until the compiz team makes this bug a priority, I'm afraid. (unless you're a programer with knowlegde in C and can help the compiz devs with problem of course.) - Apr 30 2011
Ok, this was a bug. A fix is committed. Thanks for reporting.

Good to see more people who uses the bzr. I'm in big need of more beta testers. Please contiune to report any bug you find, preferably at launchpad. - Apr 28 2011
Since version 0.42 they have been spread out vertically if the dock is vertical, what version are you using?

Regarding gnome 2 and what not... The next version of DockbarX will be able to run as a stand-alone dock so it should be possible to use it with gnome 3 without the need of running whole big AWN (it will be very basic though, nothing fancy). - Apr 27 2011
You need a newer version of DockbarX (or alternatively a version of Nautilus that has no error in it's translations). Webupd8:s ppa is more up to date for lucid than the official DockbarX ppa is. Try that one. - Apr 03 2011
Not right now but it's coming. - Apr 01 2011
Yes, I've got a few reports from people running DockbarX in xfapplet successfully. - Mar 23 2011
Post ~/.dockbarx/log/dockbarx.log (or dockbarx.log.1 if you restarted dockbarx sicne the last crash and so on) and tell me how you installed DockbarX, via DockbarX ppa, webupd8's ppa, manually or some other way. - Mar 12 2011
I don't think that's possible, sorry. - Mar 08 2011
It will be fixed but I can't promise it will be in the next version. - Mar 08 2011
Yes, it's a known bug in Compiz. Hopefully they will fix it soon. - Mar 08 2011
Yes, the theming will be rewritten before version 0.50. - Mar 07 2011
Not as far as I know, no. - Mar 07 2011
You want to change from the systems icon theme to another icon theme? - Mar 07 2011
I'm planning on experimenting with that. Something like what unity has. I already improved current shortcut system so that applications are selected when you lift the super button instead of after a delay. That will be included in the next release (same goes for the feature you suggest if I'm succesful with the experiments). - Feb 25 2011
1) Some options for recent/most used would be good, yes. Not only what you suggest but also the number of items showed.

2) I've meant to implement this for a while but I always seem to push it up since it's not a top priority. I'll try to get it done before the next version.

3) I'll look into this. What I really would like to implement though is recent/most used folders. Not that implementing one of these would exclude implementing the other.

4) Gnome notification menu integration is not possible but indicators should (more or less) be doable. I'm not going to implement it right now, though. Unity is getting launcher badges, progress bars and quick lists. Implementing these might be more consistent, cause less problems and give the same functionality. - Feb 20 2011
I don't know. Maybe Hadret will add it to his repository? - Feb 07 2011
Dockbarx theme should be faensa_v, you need to apply gaussian blur in compiz blur filter and check this link out for more info on fine-tuning awn lucido. - Jan 19 2011
The official ppa does only contain up-to-date versions for the newest ubuntu. Try with webupd8:s ppa. It holds up-to-date versions of dockbarx for older ubuntus as well, but it will update quite a few other programs for you as well.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
- Jan 09 2011
Sorry, you lost me. What could be? - Jan 08 2011
For the noticifaction area, that's not techically possible. But for ubuntus app indicators it should be possible. I'm investigating in how to implement those in DockbarX. - Jan 08 2011
As stated before, previews for minimized windows works for compiz 0.9.2 (and with kwin). Opacify is a hack and can't show a minimized window unless it actually is unminimized.

It could be possible to have DockbarX unminimize windows when a group button is howered and minimize them again when the cursor leaves the button. This could have quite a few unwelcome side effects though. It will surely make the alt+tab order seem random. ;)

Thinking about it... you could probably just as well (or just as badly) fake the whole opacify effect on computers that doens't use compiz by temporarily minimizing all other windows.

I can't make up my mind. Is this a _really_ dumb idea or something actually worth testing? - Jan 03 2011
- Do you use compiz?
- Did you check the option "show previews" in DockbarX preference?
- Is the kde compability plugin activated in compiz settings manager?
- Is "use plamsa previews" (or whatever it's called) checked in the kde compability plugin? - Jan 03 2011
Opacify for minimized windows is of course possible but opacify for a minimized window would show nothing but the desktop. Would that make more sense?

Previews for minimized windows is possible with compiz 0.9.2 or kwin (the kde window manager). - Jan 02 2011
Yes, there are plans for making the window list theme-able. But I don't think there will be the possibility to use one theme for the group buttons and another for the window list since I plan to keep the custom colors in the preference dialog and I wan't theme makers to have the possibility to use the same color in both the popup and the buttons. This will also make backward compatibility with old themes possible (or at least reduce the amount needed to update the themes).

I have a few features higher up on the priority list than this feature though. You'll have to wait a few releases, but it will be there before the next "stable" version 0.50. - Dec 31 2010
You can use the old gtk menu again in 0.42. - Dec 27 2010
Your right. I seem to have forgotten that to add a underline in the name. Small stupid bug. :) I put out a bug fix release immediately. - Dec 27 2010
That is depends on the theme. See minimalistic or old for themes where the icons sits close together.

Alternatively you can edit the theme you want to use yourself to something that suits you. It's mainly the gap and aspect_ratio of button_pixmap that needs to be adjusted to decrease the distance between the icons. - Dec 22 2010
Themeing is coming but you'll have to wait a few releases. Long feature list to implement. :) - Dec 14 2010
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