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Timothy Lin , Taiwan
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Sep 10 2013
I want subtitles, too. But I couldn't successfully combine video and subtitle using the ffmpeg command line. I need to know how to do it in ffmpeg command line before I can implement it in the GUI. - Oct 19 2013
You can select "MS Compatible AVI" in the preset field to prevent the problem from happening without re-building qwinff. - Oct 07 2013
OK, I found the problem. The default preset for AVI is "AVI Auto", which invokes ffmpeg as "ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi", and this command fails in ffmpeg 0.8.6 (it does work in ffmpeg 2.0.1 on my system). I looked at WinFF and found that they use "MS Compatible AVI" as the default, and it simply works. I will replace the default AVI preset with "MS Compatible AVI" in the next version. For QWinFF 0.1.9, you can select "MS Compatible AVI" in the "Preset" field and it should work.

There may be other formats that have this problem. I will try to sort them out before the next release. Thanks for reporting this problem. - Oct 05 2013

I just tested it on Mint 14 but couldn't reproduce the problem. Could you paste the output of the following commands?

  • ffmpeg -version
  • ffmpeg -codecs
  • ffmpeg -formats

  • Also, do you remember which output format you selected when the conversion failed? Thank you. - Oct 04 2013
    I am a college student. I'm currently working on a class project and preparing application for a master's degree program. - Oct 03 2013
    I can only work on the project in my free time, and I am quite busy recently so I haven't started yet. I will try to fix the avconv issue when I have time. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Oct 03 2013
    By the way, I am using openSUSE 12.3. Please tell me the version of the operating system you are using so that I can build a testing environment similar to yours. - Sep 28 2013

    I just cloned the latest libav (git:// and built it, but it happens that I can convert my mp4 files into avi using QWinFF with the avconv executable. Furthermore, the Windows version I distribute is bundled with ffmpeg, not libav/avconv, so it should not fail because of incompatibilities between the two branches. Could you tell me more details or give me a url pointing to a file that doesn't convert, so that I can reproduce the problem? Thank you. - Sep 28 2013
    Thanks for trying QWinFF. Currently (version 0.1.9) avconv from the libav project isn't supported because I didn't realize the existence of it. Somebody just informed me and suggested that I should add support for libav. I will try it add add it in the future. - Sep 28 2013
    I guess it might have something to do with KDE. Some KDE applications have similar error output: - Sep 12 2013
    Thanks for trying the program. Could you provide information about your operating system version and details about the problem you encountered? - Sep 12 2013
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