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Luiz Nunes Alegrete, Brasil
SimpleC-one Conky

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Dec 20 2019
Hi, to change the region of weather widget, look here:
- Nov 03 2018
AllBlue Theme

Fluxbox Themes

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Aug 10 2017
Thanks! - Oct 11 2017

Openbox Themes

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Jul 30 2017
Sorry for the inconvenience, the link has ben fixed. Thanks for the feedback. - Jul 30 2017


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Mar 19 2018
Hello gabrielmf, thanks for the feedback. The first problem you reported will be fixed in the next update, for now it can be solved by checking the "show flat buttons" option in the "window buttons" widget properties. As for the other problems they happen in because the system needs version 3 of GTK, as the theme does not yet support this version it uses graybird by default. I'm still working on the GTK3 theme, and will update the theme soon. Thanks again. - Jun 20 2017