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lukas luka Glogow, Poland
Nautilus Scripts

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Sep 13 2017
I like it, professional work.

+1 ;) - May 19 2011
Photo Converter

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Mar 10 2010
I see what can be done, because at the moment I do not know how to do it.
Thanks for the suggestion:)
With greeting.

- Apr 04 2010
Is this OK? - Mar 02 2010

There are many programs that know how to do it. Photos must be rotated -90* or +90* and there is a problem. Script could create two different photo files: duplicate_photo-90*, duplicate_photo+90.

I Think about. - Mar 02 2010
lukas desk_op-let

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May 23 2009
Desklet "yab" not working with adesklet 0.6.1-4 and 0.6.1-5 because it's error. My skills and support include only Ubu 8.04 and 8.10. - May 21 2009
Open terminal and use:

adesklets --kde (for KDE)
adesklets --nautilus (for GNOME)
adesklets --xfce4 (for XFCE 4) - May 11 2009
Sorry but my English is suck, and it's hard for me to help You. Now I wrote very helpfull script, You must be passions:] If I can help You i really do! - Feb 23 2009
Napisz do mnie

- Dec 14 2007
Look at my profile and send my this message one more time ;D - Dec 13 2007
With that cpu_meter and mem_meter are many problems. Sorry it isn't my fault. - Dec 09 2007 - Dec 08 2007

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Jul 04 2010
WOW!!! Very nice. - Dec 10 2007
new vision of conky

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Dec 03 2007
@iDont, search this code "${pop3_unseen adres.pop3 login password -i 600}" and delete.

@mascanho, I think about that. - Dec 04 2007
Please look at the other comments. There is an address. - Dec 03 2007
To get this efects, you need:

lm-sensors, lm-sensors-source.
weather or pogodynka, conditions (for weather font), hddscripts, check_gmail.

I have script from user Kurcze. But I have some problems. His scripts doesn't work and I must use other scripts. First script "pogodynka" write informations to file, and second- conditions read them.

You Open
and search "keywords":

Conky i i2c
Gmail i conky
Conky i hddtemp

Script conditions was in the same place (search page 15).

Pozdrawiam Lukas ;] - Dec 02 2007
Idea of this config I take from user Kurcze. CPU and RAM meter thing made by user Kurcze.
This is his desktop - Dec 02 2007

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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