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Eugeny Rozhkov , Russian Federation
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Graphic Apps 164 comments

by yogin
Score 76.7%
Jul 08 2011
Hello, I thought about a nice feature to add. It would be good to have a "Hide/show menu" option (which is now present in many KDE applications), with Ctrl+M hotkey. It is not of great importance though.

P.S. Waiting with joy for the 0.8.0 release :-) - Feb 27 2011
Hello, I thought about a nice feature to add. It would be good to have a "Hide/show menu" option (which is now present in many KDE applications), with Ctrl+M hotkey. It is not of great importance though.

P.S. Waiting with joy for the 0.8.0 release :-) - Feb 27 2011
Great app, just what I need for my huge manga collection. Everything works fine, but could you add a feature of naming the bookmarks (pop up a dialogue, maybe)? I have really long filenames (not to mention paths). Anyway, it will be neat ^^. - Jul 27 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 4 comments

by binro
Score 72.2%
Dec 09 2010
Oh, I've got it. One needs to resize this applet first, THEN change and save the settings in it's config dialogue. Thanks for the tip! - Dec 15 2010
I've noticed one bug - the size of applet isn't saved and resets after restarting plasma. - Dec 15 2010
It's the finest of such applets. Good work! - Dec 13 2010
Simple Send as Attachment with Kmail

Dolphin Service Menus 20 comments

Score 79.3%
Dec 08 2011
I'm not sure is this a distro-specific, but in Mandriva I already have sendmail.desktop file located at /usr/share/kde4/services. The difference is that it couldn't send multiple files. So, Mandriva users could just replace an [Exec] string with the provided solution.
(You will need root access for this)

Thanks, it's really a nice and useful hack. - Dec 09 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets 25 comments

Score 75.3%
Nov 18 2010
Got this error on compilation:

/home/luciform/DOWNLOADS/bkodama-0.3/src/bkodama.cpp: In member function ‘void bkodamaapplet::checkSpecialEventTime(int)’:
/home/luciform/DOWNLOADS/bkodama-0.3/src/bkodama.cpp:735: ошибка: ‘class QDateTime’ has no member named ‘msecsTo’

Is this a Qt issue? - Nov 18 2010
VBox Runner

Krunner Plugins 24 comments

Score 84.1%
Apr 21 2012
Nice one, the need to launch a virtualbox's manager every time is so bothersome. - Oct 20 2010

Utilities 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 06 2010
That's weird, when I downloaded and builded it again, it worked fine. Maybe the Moon's phase was incorrect last time =). - Oct 12 2010
It's segfaults when creating new note... But looks promising, I hope it will be continued. - Oct 06 2010
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

Score 77.3%
Oct 01 2010
Ok, now, when the download link works again (maybe it was working all the time, the version numbers have confused me), I tested BasKet. At the moment the app is unusable. And that's why:

1. The translation (russian) made me facepalm. It contains such lines, as
"Головная корзина", "Не пользуетесь KDE как средой обитания" and "Автоматически замыкать корзину", not to mention the translation incompleteness and typos. It's sad.

2. Images obviously are treated wrong. Here is the screenshot:
They displayed normal only when I close BasKet and launch it again.

3. A lot of icons are missing (maybe because KDE4 porting is still incomplete).

4. (just whining) Who ever came up with the idea that a SINGLE CLICK should create a new note? It's driving me crazy >_<. - Oct 09 2010
I hope the download link will be fixed soon, because this app is exactly what I'm missing in KDE4. - Oct 02 2010
Yet Another Netspeed Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Widgets 25 comments

Score 74.3%
Oct 05 2010
In Mandriva 2010.1 I had to install ruby, ruby-kde4 and ruby-qt4 (could be the same in other RPM-based distributions). - Oct 07 2010
See if this helps:

If not, install ruby, ruby-kde4 and ruby-qt4.

Works fine for me. - Oct 06 2010
Oxygen Icons for Unix System Folders

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

Score 63.3%
Sep 13 2010
It's marvelous :D - Sep 11 2010

Text Editors 7 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 05 2010
Great, I hope it will continue to develop. It does have a look-and-feel which I had never experienced before. Definetly worth a try! With this thing you want to sit down and write, write, write... Not sure it is suited for coding, but for just writing text it's perfect.

It needs some features though, like multi-window (if it could be called so), and an ability to load the music (and wallpaper) while working.

Anyway, when I saw in in my RSS feed for the first time, I thought: "A fullscreen text editor with background pictures and music? Useless!", but when I TRIED it, I liked it from the first sight. Good luck! - Aug 07 2010
Socket Sentry

Network 39 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 01 2010
Great application, compiles and works like a charm, thanks! - Aug 01 2010
Score 77.7%
Jul 02 2010
OK, I've installed Kmess and examining it's emoticon format. Seems strange it doesn't support KDE emoticons though (installed theme appears in the list, but without any graphics, useless). Don't expect much, because I'm not the author of these. - Jul 07 2010
OMG, they've got reversed. Fixed this. - Jun 28 2010
Onigiri (Riceballs) Emoticons for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 03 2010
You could install this theme by simply dragging and droping downloaded file on the "Smileys theme" dropdown list (located in Pidgin's settings dialogue). Press [Ctrl+P] in your contact list to open, then select lower tab. See screenshot.

If you are using Linux, you also could open terminal, cd to the folder, where downloaded file is located and use command:
tar xvzf ./126997-Onigiri.tar.gz -C ~/.purple/smileys
Then restart pidgin, and you should be able to select smileys in the aforementioned dialogue. - Jul 03 2010
Amarok Cover

Plasma 4 Widgets 16 comments

Score 68.0%
Jun 29 2010
Thanks, that worked ^^! - Jun 27 2010
It's working well except one issue: I've got at least half of my music sorted to folders with "cover.jpg" file lying along. The problem is that many of the covers have size about 600x600. And when Amarok changes to the tracks with large covers, plasmoid displays them EXACTLY as they are, covering my whole desktop (T_T). Resizing plasmoid gives nothing. Could you, please, add some scaling code? - Jun 26 2010

Cursors 49 comments

by KuduK
Score 78.3%
Jan 14 2012
\(^_^)/ Now it's perfect! And fits to my desktop theme! \(^_^)/ - Jun 10 2010
Awesome! It could be absolutely perfect, if you'd release gray-colored version. Anyway, thanks a lot! - Jun 09 2010
Riceballs Emoticon Theme for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 07 2009
Sorry for double posting.

There is another bun in the 'theme' file:
LargeGasp.png :O :o :-O :-o :<> :0 O_O
Gasp.png :O :-o :o :-O !!!

So the "Gasp.png" emoticon will never be displayed. - Dec 26 2009
There is a typo in the "Innocent.png" emoticon file. - Dec 26 2009
There is a typo in the "Innocent.png" emoticon file. - Dec 26 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets
by binro

Score 72.2%
Dec 13 2010
VBox Runner

Krunner Plugins
by hadeschief

Score 84.1%
Oct 20 2010

Graphic Apps
by yogin

Score 76.7%
Oct 07 2010
Amarok Cover

Plasma 4 Widgets
by mindfck

Score 68.0%
Jun 27 2010

by jlue

Score 85.7%
Jun 25 2010

System Software
by jaegerschnitzel

Score 76.7%
Jun 19 2010

by KuduK

Score 78.3%
Jun 10 2010
Score 50.0%
Dec 26 2009
Score 50.0%
3   Dec 24 2010

Plasma 4 Widgets
by binro

Score 72.2%
9   Dec 13 2010