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Neal Campbell New Port Richey, FL, United States of America
Conte Blue

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Sep 22 2009
Nice blue, and diggin the Tolle quote, man! Read his books? BTW, I gotta say, I love your avatar pic! It's Satan, from The Adventures Of Mark Twain :-D - Dec 27 2009
Silent Night II

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Mar 10 2010
I know, right!
My shxt is all dark.
I run your Silent Night II theme,
NASA Night Launch FF theme, and
Tragedy (Kubuntu color scheme)!

Between the three, my screen is pretty dark. One small issue, and not sure the source or cause (or combo), but some input fields are black-on-black! Not such a big deal, I just enter some text, then highlight to confirm its good. - Dec 27 2009
This theme complements very well my Firefox theme, NASA Night Launch!
Great job, brother! - Dec 15 2009