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Markus Elbert
Hi Wolle,

the screenlet is getting better and better thanks to your work! The RRULES starting to work up fine. But I am still missing one thing:


Could you add the bysetpos functionality to the rrule?


Markus - May 10 2010
Hi Wolle,

thanks for your work!

I will test your changes and see if it will work with my repaeting events.

I have already seen that you cleaned up the preferences window. Now every thing you can choose here seems to work! One fine point is that now you can choose the number of days that will displayed. I already missed that.

I have one hint: Remove all themes exept the default one from the tar-file. And preconfigure the screenlet to be transparent. That will save many questions here :)

Thank Markus - Mar 18 2010
Hi Wolle,

there is one more thing which is not working. If you have repeating events in your ics file


these events will not be displayed in the calendar.

Still a lot to do... - Feb 10 2010
Hi Wolle,

thanks for your fast correction!

I still have one problem. Now the screenlet shows more then one event per day. But they are not in a chronological order. They appear in the order you enter them into evolution. Is there a possibility to sort them?

I figured out the other problem myself. Evolution can publish differnt calendars into one .ics file. That works perfect!

- Feb 10 2010
Hi Wolle1,

I have choosen the .ics file from evolution. Now i have two problems:

-If I have more then one calendar entry per day only one is displayed in eigencal.

-I have more then one calendar in evolution. Each calendar is stored in a different .ics file. How can I choose more then one .ics file?

I hope you can help me

- Feb 08 2010
Jun 07 2010