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davide lombardi
Wacom Control Panel

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Jun 02 2011
My Toshiba PortegeM200 isn't support.
my ID is 15 for stylus, and 14 for eraser.
can you add support? - Oct 14 2010
My tabletPC (Portege M200),not detected.
If I use GnomeTabletApps all ok!
Functionality of my tablet (equipment with serial Wacom) is ok.

↳ Serial Wacom Tablet eraser id=14 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Serial Wacom Tablet id=15 [slave pointer (2)]

any solution?
- Sep 13 2010
Wacom on my tabletPC, (Portege M200) not detected.

Why not distribuite source code?

- Jul 06 2010
why do not put source and svn on sourceforge? - Jun 09 2010
The pen and button of my stilo, working too on my jaunty tabletPC...
pressure sensitive function ok on the Gimp..
but when start your Wacom Control Panel, on the left of the window appear:
"no graphic tablet detected".
- Aug 21 2009
Hi, my laptop is not support (toshiba PortegeM200)... - Aug 20 2009
Wacom Control Panel

System Software
by qb89dragon

Score 76.7%
Aug 20 2009