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Tony Skilton farnham, Great Britain
Dark Shine

Gnome Shell Themes 10 comments

Score 63.0%
May 14 2012
By far my favourite GS theme.

The balance of transparency and readability is just right.

Thank you for sharing.

T - Jan 01 2012
Dawn @ Piani dell'Avaro - BG - Italy

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 72.2%
Oct 20 2011
A truly beautiful picture.

Thank you for sharing.

T - Oct 22 2011

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

Score 61.7%
Jul 20 2010
Understated, elegant and simply beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your work.

T - Jun 13 2010

GTK2 Themes 90 comments

Score 76.0%
Jun 27 2010
Installed on crunchbang statler alpha and looking beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your work. - May 31 2010

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Apr 20 2010
As a worker at Heathrow airport who is currently enjoying some unplanned leave this one really made me laugh.

Thank you for sharing.

T - Apr 20 2010

Plasma Themes 87 comments

Score 75.9%
Apr 09 2010
Stunning work as ever.

Thank you for sharing.

T - Apr 02 2010
Another stunning theme.

Original and beautiful.

I have one small request though, Is there any chance of adding a toolbox.svg in a future revision for applying the theme to the plasma toolbox?

Many thanks for your work.

T - Jul 05 2009

Audioplayers 123 comments

Score 80.2%
Dec 07 2011
Just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing this.

I'm looking forward to following the progress of this one. :)

Once some of the rough edges are smoothed out it'll be stunning! - Oct 12 2009

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 02 2009
Shame about the thumbnail.

It's a beautiful image.

Thank you for sharing

T - Sep 02 2009

Plasma Themes 89 comments

Score 80.0%
Mar 13 2010
Whoa fella, chill out.

This gentleman has been kind enough to share his hard work for all of us to enjoy and has been gracious to all requests and constructive criticism, give him a break.

If you look at the release notes you'll see that the former shutdown dialog is still there, just renamed to stop it being used.

If you'd like something changed then a civil request or suggestion will get you a lot further than sarcasm and at the end of the day the files supplied can fairly easily modified to suit your needs. - May 31 2009
Firstly I'd like to thank you for your work on this theme, I've been following the progress for a while and it has shaped up beautifully.

I run a slightly older laptop and this is the first theme I've found that doesn't suffer the weird masking/border problem with extenders and tooltips when composite is disabled.

The only things I tweak slightly (I'm a linux user, I can't help myself :) ) are...

In the widgets folder I replace the background.svgz image with the translucentbackground.svgz to make desktop widgets tranlucency gradient follow the folderview style.

In the lancelot folder I replace the main-background.svgz with the extender-background.svgz from the widgets folder, this allows lancelot to follow the extender theming.

Screenshot of what I mean here...
- May 03 2009
This theme is truly stunning.

It's also the first theme I've seen from here that displays correctly with kwin4 composite disabled.

Thank you very much for your work on this. - Mar 31 2009
GX Mail Notify

Plasma 4 Extensions 124 comments

Score 65.6%
May 06 2010
Oops, I mean version 0.3 :) - Mar 16 2009
This one just keeps getting better and better.

Version 3 is stunning. - Mar 16 2009
Small, discrete and works well.

A perfect little app. - Feb 18 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 323 comments

Score 63.3%
Jan 13 2010
This one just keeps getting better and better - Jan 29 2009
New Device Notifier with Automount

Plasma 4 Extensions 7 comments

Score 73.1%
Jan 04 2009
I can't believe this feature isn't implemented in the default plasmoid.

Since amarok2 doesn't automatically mount external drives containing the media library this'll save me having to manually mount the drive to listen to my tunes.

Thank you. - Jan 04 2009

Plasma Themes
by mcder

Score 82.0%
Jan 03 2014

Plasma Themes
by mcder

Score 76.7%
Dec 24 2013
Dark Shine

Gnome Shell Themes
by satya164

Score 63.0%
Dec 05 2011
Score 78.4%
Aug 26 2011
Score 69.2%
Jun 17 2011

GTK2 Themes
by lassekongo83

Score 61.7%
Jun 13 2010

GTK2 Themes
by nale12

Score 76.0%
May 31 2010

by jamboarder

Score 80.2%
Oct 12 2009
Ghost (Aurorae)

Aurorae Themes
by jmtodaro

Score 73.0%
Jul 20 2009

Plasma Themes
by jmtodaro

Score 75.9%
Jul 04 2009

Plasma Themes
by jmtodaro

Score 80.0%
Mar 31 2009

Plasma Themes
by DarkBeastOfPrey

Score 84.8%
9   Oct 01 2013
Score 51.0%
9   Aug 23 2013

GTK3 Themes
by satya164

Score 70.8%
9   Jan 25 2012
Dark Shine

Gnome Shell Themes
by satya164

Score 63.0%
9   Dec 04 2011
Crunchbang Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other
by TheCow

Score 75.5%
9   Mar 05 2011