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Alex Blom
KDE Plasma Screenshots

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Nov 07 2005
same problem here, on gentoo
and that delete fix didnt work for me :( - Mar 12 2007
Kubuntu laptop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 9 comments

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Feb 28 2007
let me know everything.
what font are you using and what theme and what colortheme? :DD
it looks very nice. - Mar 05 2007
hm, may be a nooby question, but how do you add the icons to kde? - Mar 01 2007
Aero Lite

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Apr 03 2006
i tried this and i have some problems. the icons in the sytray are bigger than yours. next, when i hover programs in the taskbar i get that fugly mouseover thing. and third, i can see a small border where my panel ends, its like it doesnt have 100% transperancu - Jan 17 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 23 comments

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Nov 01 2006
really like the colour scheme, maybe you could share it with me? :) - Dec 31 2006