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walter hoogerbeets

Education Apps by ita256 149 comments

One of the most useful programs I ever encountered. It saved me several times when I had many ideas, but just couldn't turn them into a logical, readable text.

For me, this is the Linux-killer app. Thanks a lot. - Mar 11 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by dridk 17 comments


first: thanks for the plasmoid.

I use it on OpenSuse11.2, and would like to use it to start Yast with root priveleges. Which command should I enter?

I tried:
- yast
- yast2
- kdesu yast
- kdesu yast2
- kdesu sbin/yast
- kdesu sbin/yast2

but they all fail.

Anyone who knows the right command? - Dec 04 2009

Education Apps
by ita256

7 .0
Mar 11 2010