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Jul 14 2012
Fixed. See next page. :) - Jul 14 2012
Hi, it's a feature that hasn't been implemented yet. The option is in the configuration window, but the function itself isn't done. - Jul 14 2012
True. It's a very needed feature for Daisy. Was planning on adding that some time ago, but something changed in the Plasma/Icon library, so that feature remained in the wishlist. Hope we can get it implemented. :) - Jul 14 2012
Thank you for your work. Patch is now applied, and working perfectly with KDE 4.8 . Credit added in Daisy header. :) - Jul 14 2012
Still going on, answered above.

Regards - May 28 2011
Didn't notice it, as I keep Daisy at the bottom of my screen most of the time. Will look into this, seems to be an easy fix. - May 28 2011
I was coding this option when something in the IconWidget from Plasma got changed. Now instead of the clicked signal, Daisy is forced to use the pressed signal, which makes it impossible to add the option of rearranging icons.
- May 28 2011
Currently that's one of the features that Daisy is lacking. It is limited due to being a simple widget. After the re-write it will be possible to add that and other options.

Regards - May 28 2011
Hi Mte90

Will look into your suggestions, but the key combination for media control is probably not doable.

Regards - May 28 2011
Hello guys

Daisy is not a dead project.
Development continues, it's just that lately I've been too busy with work and a course that I'm taking. Hope to finish the re-write of Daisy this Summer when I'll have some days to spend coding for this project.

As always please feel free to comment, make requests, report bugs.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support! - May 28 2011
Hi mate. Thank YOU for making the translation. Support for VLC is now added. Took some bash workarounds due to missing options in the player's D-Bus interface but everything works, except toggling the player's window.
Regards. - Nov 11 2010
Should now be fixed in this version thanks to a user contributed patch.
Regards. - Nov 10 2010
Thanks for reporting it. It should be fixed now with the latest release thanks to the patch provided by Pierre.

Regards. - Nov 10 2010
Hi. The libraries needed are named in Ubuntu/Debian: "kdebase-workspace-dev", "kdelibs5-dev". The are additional tools need, like CMake and GCC. Install those and it should compile without a problem. - Nov 10 2010
Thanks for reporting it. It should be fixed now with the latest release thanks to the patch provided by Pierre.

Regards. - Nov 10 2010
Thanks for reporting it. It should be fixed with the latest release thanks to the patch provided by Pierre.

Regards. - Nov 10 2010
Currently the number of launchers from the circular dock cannot be changed, what can be done is add an action launcher to the launcher itself. Right-click on the launcher to edit and activate its action launcher.

Regards. - Nov 10 2010
The first and third wallpaper is from MacOSX, search on google image search for "osx leopard wallpaper" to get it. The second one is available here: - Nov 10 2010
Hi there,

Currently that option isn't available. To achieve this, Daisy would have to be inside a panel-like container, so it would be able to behave as a panel. Currently Daisy is a regular widget.

A new version is being worked on, using a panel-like container that will provide a better user experience.

Regards. - Jul 06 2010
Thank you. Arch link now updated.
Regards. - Jun 29 2010
Hi. Thanks for reporting this. This problem seems to be related with the Taskmanager library. I was unable to reproduce this behavior with Inkscape. Could you please check if it's still behaving like this with this new release?
Regards. - Jun 29 2010
Fix applied. Thank you. - Jun 29 2010
Patch incorporated in this release of Daisy. Thank you for contributing. - Jun 29 2010
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Question #1: by using a custom panel container we have control over all of its settings, which allows us to do more. We can for instance use custom backgrounds, have control over size and positions of that panel. In the current development approach Daisy behaves like a "normal" widget, can be added to the desktop by the add widget dialog and kinda behave like a panel (with limitations), and will be compatible with a normal panel container. This may all change as we add more options to it. It would be much more easier to implement things by merging the applet and the container together. We'll have to give some more thought to that.

Question #2: Daisy has a taskbar plugin of its own (that can be added/removed). On that preview provided the taskbar that's being used is Smooth tasks.

Lechio - May 14 2010
Will have a look into your patch. Thanks. :) - May 04 2010
Yes there is. The new Daisy will use a new container that will behave the same way as the panel, this means that it will be shown on all of the different activities. It will also have the possibility of being shown on top of other windows. - May 04 2010
Hi there,

Daisy to get information about tasks currently uses the KWindowSystem and TaskManager libraries. To match tasks with the launchers Daisy incorporates a new feature that was named "Alias", it's nothing more than the Window Class. The API is not very complicated to figure out, have look at the documentation on techbase or look at the header files of these.
If I can assist you any further, contact me and I'll gladly help out in what I can.

Thank you for your comment, and best wishes. :) - Apr 25 2010
Just an update on the work being done, right now a custom container is already made (based on panel), this will allow the option of adding other applets to the dock; here's how it currently looks (Daisy, Smooth tasks and System tray applet showing in the container):

Much work still has to be done, the new release will be available as soon as it is usable.
Thank you for your support! - Apr 24 2010
For the click issue, it's probably related to the fix that was done for it to work with KDE 4.4, after some things changed with KDE. It's just a temporary "fix", right now the main focus is the rewrite, which will be available soon and hopefully all these issues with the clicking on icons will be resolved. Try to downgrade to the previous Daisy version to see if that corrects the issue.
- Apr 24 2010
Thank you for your work Germán. :) - Apr 24 2010
Yes, there seems to be some problems with the taskmanager implementation in Daisy when some programs are launched. Am trying to figure out what could be wrong.
Thank you for the report. - Apr 24 2010
Please visit our download page, there are user contributed binaries for the latest Daisy version there. - Apr 24 2010
Thank you for your work. Package added to the front page. :) - Feb 11 2010
It's fixed now. Something changed in the clicked() signal in KDE 4.4 . Made a simple fix by replacing the clicked signal with the pressed signal. - Feb 11 2010
Fixed. Now works well with KDE 4.4 single click. :) - Feb 11 2010
That's the one. Will put up some code for the new Daisy as soon as it gets to a point that is usable. :)

Regards. - Dec 17 2009
Hi, I'm using a custom theme that I've edited for personal use. A mix of Hycons Icon theme:
and Ciment (for the folders):


- Dec 17 2009
Sorry about missing the monthly schedule guys, I have decided that for allowing an evolution of Daisy a new approach was necessary. To provide better features like covering windows, better screen placement, adding other applets to it as "plugins", (...); Daisy needs to be changed into a panel-like widget. This task will require a rewrite of most of the code, it will take some time to do it. Until then please feel free to comment and suggest new features as those might find a way into the new Daisy. ;)
Also feel free to report bugs, will continue to maintain the current code.

Regards, and thank you for your support! - Dec 10 2009
Seen it but can't reproduce it. Seems to be happening on specific distros, and be related to libtaskmanager... - Dec 10 2009

Will look into fixing that. Will probably be fixed when we move from widget type to panel type. :)

Regards. - Dec 10 2009

You are missing some libraries. the libtaskmanager library is missing so it will fail to compile. libtaskmanager is part of kde-base, to compile something that uses it, the headers for that are needed. Install these packages on Kubuntu: "kdebase-workspace-dev", "kde-devel", "kdelibs5-dev". Should compile OK after that.
Or just do like crematory3 said and install using the package manager (instructions on how to do it are available on the download page). - Dec 10 2009

Which distro are you using?
Some distros instead of "ktrash" (the tool that Daisy uses with the trash plugin) have "ktrash4". That might be the cause for this issue you are experiencing.

Regards. - Dec 10 2009
That's a great idea. The pager is an important plugin, and should be implemented soon. Don't know if I could implement it the way it is shown in the concept but will give it a go. :)
Thank you for making the concept. - Nov 24 2009
It really needs a better hosting, but that's the best we can get currently.
I've already contacted the support team about this problem, the server seems to be under maintenance and should be back up soon. In the meantime please use google code to get the package: - Nov 24 2009
Hi there,

Currently the updates for Daisy are made once a month (normally) and are issued near the end of the month. But I believe it's possible to subscribe to a topic here in kde-look by becoming a fan of the project.
Regards. - Nov 18 2009
If you look at Daisy's code you'll notice that we are not afraid of hacks. ;) - Nov 18 2009
Hi prasadae,

Something probably changed, maybe the signal that is emitted when an icon is clicked or something else. This will have to be fixed, if you can help in testing it would be appreciated.

Lechio - Nov 18 2009
That happens when that Plasma desktop widgets are locked, correct?
There's no way to bypass that in Plasma, we pass the move instruction but it gets ignored if the widgets are locked.

Lechio - Nov 18 2009
Hi there,

It's not really a bug, it's something that isn't implemented yet. Currently it's not possible to remove the trash plugin when using circular dock or have more/less than 9 icons displaying. It's something that will be worked on and changed for next releases.

It's possible, but I'm not sure if that would be the correct to do in Plasma. When removing a Plasma desktop widget its configuration resets, that's the way it works in Plasma. - Nov 18 2009
Thank you for the feedback, will do. :)

Regards. - Nov 18 2009
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