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Lazykde Lazykde
Plasma Color Schemes

Global Themes 14 comments

Score 73.8%
Sep 03 2017
Thank you very much, I am what you asked on the GitHub page, to have more care for this, I hope for more updates for this and for Arc Theme, because I envy Gnome for these themes but i love kde, thank you so much for your work - Jun 21 2017
Simple Menu

Plasma 5 Menus 143 comments

by Sho
Score 85.2%
Apr 18 2018
I personally agree with this mockup,,
However I love this menu, because it is the kde thing that resembles what the elementary element r is, in fact and from there that in my opinion you should take the cue, even if your idea is to leave the right Different categories, it would be nice if you could let the user choose the layout in plasmoid settings, thank you anyway for your work :) - Jun 10 2017
Hex Lite

QtCurve 60 comments

Score 81.8%
Apr 08 2014
good work, why you don't collaborate in Visual Design Community group? - Apr 07 2014

Icon Sub-Sets 22 comments

Score 83.3%
Dec 22 2012
grazie a queste icone ho scoperto Mystras Os, ma un canale irc non lo avete? - Nov 27 2012
Blue Sora

Plasma Themes 76 comments

Score 82.6%
Mar 22 2014
Scusa, ma sei italiano? - Feb 22 2012
Hex Lite

by garthecho

Score 81.8%
Apr 07 2014
Union Jack

Plasma Color Schemes
by Lazy78

Score 46.0%
Jun 27 2011
kAwOken for KDE - preview

KDE Plasma Screenshots
by alecive

Score 76.9%
Jun 27 2011