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Jun 10 2007
Thanks...glad you like it. - Jan 30 2006

in the config dialog choose layout manual to prevent skopete from automatically repositioning itself. - Jan 23 2006
Oh that's because the python in your PATH is still pointing to the 2.3 python. The config dialog is launched ina separate python process. 2 possible worarounds:
1) Add the bin directory of python 2.4 for to the beginning of your PATH variable, in ~/.bashrc. something like
export PATH=/path-to-2.4/bin:$PATH will do the trick.
2) Edit line 45 of and replace python with python-2.4 - Jan 23 2006
Thanks, I have coded a possible workaround in 1.2.7 (see changelog). Please try it and let me know if it helps. Also since this error is an intermittent one (caused by system signals), you should try reloading the theme and even rebooting once. - Jan 23 2006
Oh yeah you have to have the statements before the import subprocess statement, which means putting them into right at the top.

Good luck with getting it to works with python 2.4 - Jan 23 2006
Just run superkaramba skopete.theme in a terminal...the version will be printed out - Jan 23 2006
Well if you compile it from source against python 2.4 it should use that. Alternatively, you could uninstall python 2.3 - Jan 23 2006
Ah well then SK is using python 2.3. You can check this by adding
import sys
print sys.version
to the top of the .py file of any SK theme - Jan 23 2006
Nope subprocess is part of the basic python libs. Do you have an older version of python as well. Maybe SK is compiled against an older version. - Jan 23 2006
Is it being cut-off by another SK theme? Try moving it around the desktop and reloading it. - Jan 23 2006
Skopete resizes itself automatically when more contacts come online. Do you mean that there are some contacts that are shown as online in Kopete but not in SKopete? - Jan 23 2006
You need python 2.4 for the subprocess module. - Jan 23 2006
Also after unzipping as i said in my previous post, try running python You should get a list of contacts/accounts from kopete output to the terminal - Jan 23 2006
Was this after an update? If so please try deleting ~/.superkaramba/skopete - Jan 23 2006
When you say it doesn't show anything, you mean absolutely nothing? A blank patch? You can try unzipping the .skz file like so
unzip *skopete*.skz
Then change DEBUG=False to True near the top of and run it using
superkaramba skopete.theme - Jan 23 2006
Thanks it's good to be appreciated. - Jan 20 2006
After starting SK in a terminal you need to start SKopete in the gui, alterbatively, you can use the command superkaramba skopete.skz > skopete-log 2>&1 - Jan 20 2006
The problem is that SKopete uses many things that are only available with python 2.4.

I don't know of any way to force SK to use a particular python installation, you could ask about that on the SK forums. Though I imagine compiling it with 2.4 should make it use 2.4. - Jan 19 2006
You can check what version of python SK is running by adding these lines to an .py theme file
import sys
print hex(sys.hexversion) - Jan 18 2006
Run SK in a terminal and post the topmost error you get when starting SKopete - Jan 16 2006
Well sure, take your time. I have other themes on my desktop as well, but I tend to reserve one column of space for SKopete.

I really like kubicaramba, I used to use it extensively, however, I switched to Aero AIO recently, to save on some desktop real estate.

Its been raining a lot here, which is why I'm spending so much time on this ;-) - Jan 15 2006
I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with it. Could you post the topmost error from the list of repeating errors. After that error occurs, future calls to widgetUpdated fail causing the repeated errors. Thanks.

At the moment there is no ability to choose your own pictures, but I will probably add that feature in the future.

The reason SKopete does not remember its position/allow manual positioning is that it doesn't have a fixed size, as more an more of you monitored contacts come online, it will resize itself automatically. This makes manual positioning a little difficult. - Jan 15 2006
I've added a link to 1.0.4 in the download section. I use the the version of pykde that comes in the kdebindings module of kde 3.5.0. I believe thats of the 3.12 branch, but I'm not sure. - Jan 14 2006
Oh sorry...I didn't notice the _pre20051013

Well I haven't tested SKopete in your environment. The traceback you posted is an ImportError, python is unable to import dcop which is part of the pykde bindings, that is why I suspect the integrity of your pykde installation.

However, SKopete, like soundmania should work without pykde. So just to be clear, what exactly happens when you run SK...

As I understand it, it loads the config dialog fine and then when you add contacts to the monitor list and click apply, it freezes with the loading message? What happens if you try to reload the theme manually? Also are the any tracebacks, debug messages in ~/.xsession-errors or a terminal? - Jan 14 2006 on earth did you get that to compile? Are you using KDE 3.5.0? PyQt 3.14.1-r1? sip 4.2.1? If you want to use the riverbank bindings, then I would recommend using the latest snaphot from
You need to make one small change to get it to compile. See this thread

Alternatively just use the kde-base/pykde ebuild. It uses the official bindings from the kdebindings module. - Jan 14 2006
It doesn't crash if kopete is not running for me. The traceback you posted in your previous post, is basically because your pykde implementation isn't working (are you using the kde-base/pykde-3.5.0 ebuild?) At any rate that should not cause an error as pykde support is optional and that exception is caught. - Jan 14 2006
Could you try the latest version. If it still doesn't work, unzip the .skz file like this
unzip *skopete*.skz
Then edit and change DEBUG=False to DEBUG=True near the top and run python in a terminal, with Kopete running in the background - Jan 13 2006
Can you send me the output of the following command (to debug your crashing with Yourself as a contact problem)

In a terminal:
dcop kopete qt find MetaContact | grep -B5 ICQMyself

Thanks - Jan 13 2006
I can't seem to get the ICQ plugin of Kopete working...which is why you haven't seen me as a contact. At any rate it looks like your problems weren't a result of ICQ anyway... - Jan 13 2006
The latest version should fix this behavior. However, since the fix required a change in the contact parsing logic, it may have introduced some bugs. - Jan 13 2006
You have yourself as a contact in Kopete? Why would you do that? - Jan 13 2006
You are correct! Thanks for finding this. I'm looking into this problem. In the meantime I have put a warning into the caveats section. - Jan 13 2006 is good to be appreciated. I believe you can define custom display names for contacts in Kopete, SKopete uses these display names. You can change the display name by right clicking a meta contact in Kopete and selecting properties. - Jan 13 2006
OK well lets try to debug...
Do the excluded contacts belong to a particular protocol? Do they have non-alphanumeric characters in the display names?

Could you mail me a list of the display names of the excluded contacts. I only need the display names not the account IDs. Also what protocols are you using? You can find my email address in my kde-look profile. - Jan 12 2006
Should be fixed in latest version, see changelog - Jan 12 2006
OK I got myself an ICQ account, seems to work fine so far, but I don't have any ICQ contacts, so could you give me you ICQ #, so that I can test.
Thanks - Jan 12 2006
In fact, it looks like the error was caused because you have Qt 4.0. The QSizePolicy constructors are incompatible between Qt 3.0 and 4.0 - Jan 12 2006
Hmm...I can't really see whats going wrong here. That line is automatically generated code by QT Designer. It's pretty generic, all its doing is setting a sizePolicy. What versions of Qt and PyQt are you running?

The theme is designed to automatically position and resize itself as contacts go online/offline. You can change the positioning policy from the config dialog...though ofcourse it isn't working for you. - Jan 12 2006 seems to be a problem with the way kopete returns information about ICQ accounts. I'll get myself an ICQ account and test it... - Jan 11 2006
By default, it should show a list of all online contacts. Is it stuck on the loading contacts message? Or does that disappear after a short time? - Jan 10 2006
Looks like the problem is being caused by one of your contacts having special characters in its display name. I've uploaded a new version that hopefully handles it. - Jan 10 2006
First try reloading the theme, then try running SK in a terminal and post the output. Thanks. Kovid. - Jan 09 2006
Under 5 mins...unless you have a truly huge contact list - Jan 08 2006

Thats the cpu/mem v2 plugin for aero aio that I wrote. - Jan 07 2006
The idea is you only monitor a subset of all your contacts. I, for one, don't care about the status of 2/3 of my contact list. - Jan 07 2006
Aero AIO

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May 17 2006
subprocess is a dependency of the ps plugin, not Aero AIO, if you don't install that plugin, you should be fine. subprocess comes installed with python version 2.4
apt-get install python? - Jan 15 2006
Aero AIO: Kmail based mail notification

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Jan 20 2006
Also be aware that message viewing only works if the folder belongs to an IMAP account - Jan 06 2006
Can you set DEBUG=True in the the file ~/.aero_aio/, run SK in a terminal and post the output. Thanks. - Jan 06 2006
The riverbank pykde bindings work with kde 3.5 as well, see this thread for the small changes you have to make to get it to compile.

Anyway, since a lot of people seem to have trouble getting PyKDE working, I've coded a non-pykde workaround in the latest version (2.2.0). It's not really tested, so I don't know if it works. - Jan 06 2006

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Mar 03 2006
Umm according to the ps man page pcpu gives the %CPU usage. More precisely, the cpu time/real time. You can see an example of its use if you download my ps plugin for Aero AIO. - Jan 05 2006