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by koos
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Jul 10 2016
Indeed the 'Configure Toolbar' menu option doesn't work. Thanks for reporting!

Don't know whether there are 'standard KDE control buttons', but the current ones are part of the KMPlayer look&feel since its early days. They are part of the video widgets, e.g. when in fullscreen and moving the mouse to the screen bottom, they popup or when embedded into Konqueror and the HTML embed object requested a controlbar.
So basically, they aren't part of the desktop UI. - Oct 13 2011
Indeed, thanks for your report - Mar 15 2010
KDE HAL Device Manager

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Jan 08 2006
Sorry for the noise, didn't look in the ubuntu archives. I found it at
(unfortunately the python requirements are >= 2.4 and debian/testing is still on 2.3.5-3). - Jan 08 2006
dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: pykdeextensions (>= 0.4.0) pyqt-tools (>= 3.14.1) python-kde3-dev (>= 3.11.3) python-sip4-dev (>= 4.2.1)
dpkg-buildpackage: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.

but I can't get pykdeextensions installed:

# apt-get install pykdeextensions pyqt-tools python-kde3-dev python-sip4-dev
E: Couldn't find package pykdeextensions

Is this ubuntu only? - Jan 08 2006
Kaffeine Player

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Jul 06 2008
"blits the image to the KApplication"

what do you mean by that as you give this as reason why it's less efficient?

KMPlayer creates a X-Window, passes this WId to the backend player that Xine (or mplayer) uses as output window. AFAIK there is nothing inefficient about this displaying video (no blitting at all).
What of course is less efficient is that a second process is created and that events from users or the Xine-lib causes interprocess communications. But this is only a small amount and goes much faster than that the user would notice.

Notice that we do the same for the nsplugin, which also runs the nspluginviewer as separate application for no other reason than stability. - Sep 06 2005

Golden XCursors 3D

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Jun 29 2003

This cursor set looks great! But I've one request. The I-beam with konsole with linux colors (black background) is hardly visible. Would it be possible to add a little more contrast on this cursor? - Aug 18 2003