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Oliver Eichler

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Apr 11 2020
Please use the issue tracker

And it would help a lot if you provide an example GPX. Of possible one from the working version and one from the current version. - Sep 19 2019
Ok, than it's "too new".

Probably the best will be someone owning and using such a device donates the code to read those files.

- Apr 15 2015
How does it store tracks? Does it use GPX or TCX?

There should be a file GarminDevice.xml on your device. If you send me the file I can tell you a bit more. - Apr 14 2015
QLandkarte GT

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Jul 11 2011
Not sure what you mean with "GPS map". If you mean a vector map QLGT can't do. Have a look at GPSMapEdit or Mapwell. - Aug 22 2010
My personal view on binaries is that they are part of the different distributions. Thus it's up to the distribution maintainers to create installation packages that obey all necessary dependencies.

I spend enough time on maintaining and developing the source. It's out of my timetable's focus to play around with the different distribution services. This has to be done by those knowing how to do it right.

Thus if you feel QLandkarte GT has to be part of a PPA system go ahead and maintain it. If that invokes patches to make it work, feel free to send them. I supported and will support every package maintainer.


- Nov 09 2009
Yes, KML is supported via gpsbabel.

Oliver - Jun 24 2009
All libraries, except those of FWTools come with the binary package. If you have FWTools installed you can un-check it to skip internet download. For the rest keep the default and do the installation.

To compile on Linux read: - Nov 26 2008
You just have to install QLandkarte on Windows as recommended. It will copy it's own version of QT into it's application path and use it. Your other QT version will not be touched at all.

If you do not have an internet connection you can install FWTools from any other source and deselect it during QLandkarte installation. The current binary uses FWTools 2.1.0. Don't know if newer versions are binary compatible. Sometimes the binary path of FWTools is not added to PATH. You will notice if it asks for gdal_fw.dll. You have to do it manually in this case. Don't know why.

If you want to compile on Linux it's always a good sport to visit the homepage. will tell you all dependencies and give you instructions. Any recent version of the dependencies will be fine. Most distros do a bad job for GDAL and Proj4. You better install them from source.


- Nov 25 2008
You probably have to write some code to get live position from the n95.

There is a NMEA plugin in the Garmin driver collection. But it's not 100% bug free. For my BT GPS it works. For others it won't.

But it shouldn't be too much of a problem the write a small interface to gpsd or similar.
- Nov 15 2008
I doubt it. The GUI of QLandkarte GT will not fit on a mobile device. That's what QLandkarte M is for. But M is geotiff only. - Nov 14 2008
G15 Amarok Plugin Plus

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Jul 22 2008
when using that script my play/pause/stop keys, assigned with lineakd won't work anymore. - Apr 24 2008