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Jonas Buckner
Liquid (Mac OSX)

KDE 3 Color Schemes by weda 37 comments

I can't quite remember what it's called, but an app comes with Mandrake to take fonts from a Windows install or from .ttf files. - Feb 19 2002

KDE 2 Themes by stephanelassalvy 70 comments

First of All: settle down.

Second of all: BeOS had one of the cleanest and most intuitive interfaces in the OS market. OSX is simply beautiful. 85% of the users on the planet use Windows full time. (People don't like to learn new interfaces.)

How about you come with an original idea, Buddy? Or just stop complaining, why don't ya?

(I want to be clear that I don't simpathize with maker of this theme. I hate Windows and its interface. Blech.) - Feb 19 2002