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Oct 09 2010
Sorry about that; stupid mistake on my part. It should be fixed now. - Oct 05 2010
Even though they appear separate, they're parts of a singular IconWidget entity. Plus, it's difficult to draw a semantic difference between activating text representing a song, and an image representing a song. - Sep 09 2010
Mm, I was considering that. The trick would be to somehow visually distinguish the primary action performed by clicking on the album art from any secondary actions available as overlay icons. Perhaps the icon for the primary action should appear in the centre of the image rather than in the corner? It'd be kinda tricky to implement, though, but should work. - Sep 09 2010
Good point. Unfortunately the widget that I am using does not support changing the font, but I have added a configuration interface for changing the text background, which may help you. - Sep 09 2010
I've been able to reproduce some strange behaviour with Amarok -- it will sometimes report that it has stopped playing when it is just changing tracks -- which for me occasionally caused the plasmoid to become blank. I made some changes to the way the play-state is tracked, and haven't observed the problem since, so hopefully this may address your issue. - Sep 09 2010
Huh, that's not so good... Unfortunately, I can't reproduce here, but I recall having had a similar problem with some other plasmoids that came right upon restarting Plasma.

I haven't tested the plasmoid with Plasma 4.4, either, so perhaps that's it? I'm not sure what different that would make, though. - Sep 07 2010
As far as I know, this is a packaging problem with Plasma 4.5:

As a workaround, you can extract the contents of the .plasmoid file (which is actually a ZIP archive), then run plasmapkg -i . in the extracted directory. - Sep 07 2010