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Erin Conn
Antivirus Scan with F-Prot

Dolphin Service Menus 47 comments

by isma
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Aug 13 2006
It helps to look at the script sometimes. The name of the tmp directory in the script didn't match the one I have, so I fixed the script to use the proper tmp directory and it works. Cool! - Nov 21 2004
Same here on FreeBSD 4-STABLE. f-prot is installed to /usr/bin/ and working fine for all users, but the service menu does nothing. - Nov 21 2004
Thin Keramik

KDE 3.5 Themes 47 comments

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Apr 28 2004
I did as you suggested, and it created the file just fine. Then I had the same problem for thinkeramikrc.h and fixed it the same way. I wonder why they weren't created automatically during the make process?

Anyway, it's installed and working now. Thanks. - Feb 28 2004
on FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE with KDE 3.2, configure runs fine, however make fails with the following errors:

In file included from config.cpp:34:
config.h:32: thinkeramikconfig.h: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

Searching through the thinkeramik directory does not turn up the file thinkeramikconfig.h. Where is it supposed to come from? - Feb 26 2004
Flat White Mouse with Shadow

Cursors 19 comments

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Jun 16 2003
I'm seeing the same problem on FreeBSD 4.8 with XFree 4.3.0. It seems to be failing before make can really do anything. I get the same error no matter what target to make I use, so it's not just an issue with the install target.

This is the exact error:
~/download/sources> make install
Error expanding embedded variable.
~/download/sources> - Jul 28 2003
Fahrenheit Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 50 comments

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Dec 09 2007
GONX looks pretty, but from the mockups it looks like a UI nightmare. The title tabs don't appear to be movable, which was the whole point of having the tabs instead of a titlebar in the first place, so you could tab windows. And the buttons are placed terribly. Having them placed after the tab means that they're not in a consistent place from window to window, increasing the risk of accidentally hitting the wrong button and closing a window you really didn't want to close. It also takes a lot longer to find the button accurately, especially since they look so damn small. Be got the UI pretty much right the first time, I'd rather OpenBeOS didn't fsck with it. - Jun 13 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots 26 comments

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Mar 20 2002
All that's on kde-look is a screenshot, meant to make you drool over the nifty new stuff you get in kde3. - Mar 21 2002
Slick Icons 1.5 pre2

Icon Sub-Sets 168 comments

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Nov 08 2003
Although it says it's a .tar.gz, it's actually a .tar.bz2. He mentioned on his site that he tried bz2 but it made the file even bigger, so he went back to gzip, but he must have uploaded the wrong file or something. - Mar 20 2002
World Domination

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Mar 01 2002
Yeah, it can play .mov movies, but unfortunately it can't play the Sorenson codec, which is what almost all quicktime movies out there are these days, so the crossover plugin's really the only way to go at the moment. :( - Mar 02 2002
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets 177 comments

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Mar 02 2002
> tar -zxvf 602-iKons_059.tar.gz

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: child returned status 1
- Feb 22 2002