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Full Icon Themes 124 comments

by Barud
Score 80.7%
Feb 20 2020
Love the icon set, but i do have a few things about it that i am not too fond of. Namely the top panel icons and the applications icon on the dash the circle style adds unnecessary complications to icons.
where do i go to remove or change these back to default while keeping the rest of the icons from this set? - May 17 2018
Telinkrin- Arrongin themes

GTK3 Themes 320 comments

Score 85.9%
Oct 29 2019
Also, possibility of a dark shell to match the grey components? - Mar 22 2018
excellent work. love the updates.

However, the icons for Opera and Vivaldi browsers both have the same "compass" icon.

looking forward to the updates for the icons. - Mar 22 2018

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

Score 80.7%
Apr 23 2018
Score 85.9%
Mar 29 2018