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Oct 28 2012
I can't wait! - Oct 26 2012
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
beautiful theme, got two questions:

- how do i center the window titles on window decorations?
- how do i change the text color on the menu bar buttons and the clock applet?

thank you. - Oct 01 2008

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Aug 13 2008
To change the size of icons, please open the theme's gtkrc file and look at a line saying "gtk-icon-sizes". It's likely you will achieve the effect you desired if you change the "gtk-large-toolbar" parameter from 16,16 to 24,24 or other value you wish.

there is sure to be juicy information on the previous pages, you should always check them out. - Jul 31 2008
is there a chance i can get my hands on your .fonts.conf? my fonts look nowhere near as good as yours.
loving the theme btw, thanks for the great job! - Jul 31 2008
the menu buttons are designed to be used with a menu bar on a themed panel (screenshot if you want to use the main menu, you must change the values of "fg[NORMAL]" and "fg[ACTIVE]" from #fafafa to #000000 in the file ~/.themes/whichever glow theme you use/gtk-2.0/Panel.rc - Jul 30 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
i managed to change the tooltip background to white but that caused another problem, there is a discoloration in the tooltips near the mouse cursor (tried several colors). what can be done about it?
Screenshot: - May 18 2008
the engine looks great, only the tooltip colors for the themes are kinda weird. what do i do to get them black text on white background instead of black text on dark blue background? im using Aurora.

- May 17 2008
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Aug 31 2014

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

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Oct 26 2012
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