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Jean-Remy Falleri Montpellier, France
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Nov 07 2006
Whats is your version of rdiff-backup? - Sep 22 2006
You have to use the SVN version? I'll try to release soon, but I have a bug to fing first...

Regards! - Sep 22 2006
It's a really good idea. Should the niceness level be configurable or a -3 would be sufficient?

Regards. - Sep 22 2006
This functionnality has been added in Keep SVN version. Will be released anytime soon, when i'll have figured out where the One Hour Backup Bug comes from.

Regards. - Sep 22 2006
I think it will be in 0.3.1 - Feb 08 2006
At this time, Keep works well only with the file:/ url locations. It means that a media:/floppy url will not work. You can try to use the mountpoint (ie /media/floppy/) as the backup location but you will not be sure that the backup will be done (ie: if floppy not present) and have no error message if this happens.

I plan to integrate system:/ url in next major release and a notification system which will enable you to make backups on almost every kind of device you have :). - Jan 26 2006
Yes it would be very fine, and there is already a KDE tool which is designed to perform that kind of manipulations. It's call Kamion. I will try to see with the author of this soft if we can imagine an integration of these functionnalities into Keep. - Jan 26 2006
Ok. Can you try now without the option --exclude-special-files and tell me if it does not work anyway? - Jan 25 2006
Sure. Does it happens with Keep 0.2.3 as well? - Jan 24 2006
It's right that Cron could be used in Keep instead of a specific daemon. I will inspect all advantages and drawbacks from using Cron in the next major release. - Jan 16 2006
No there is not at this time but will be in 0.3.0 release :) (and it will be on ssh not svn). - Jan 11 2006
Ok I see what you mean. At the moment, Keep has its own KDED daemon which watch the backup directory at startup and every hour. So in the worse case, you'll have to wait 60 minutes to have your backup done, but in general the backup is made at startup. - Dec 29 2005
Thanks for the packages! You can already see when the next backup will be done in the Informations tab (next backup date). - Dec 29 2005
It's a really good idea. I will inspect rsync and see if I can integrate it in the next major release of Keep. - Dec 29 2005
Thank for the comment! You're right cuurently, Keep behaves preety much the same than a fine tuned tar and cron but in the future, advanced features will be added (look at the TODO) which I hopes will be very useful and quit the problem of data management of the user mind. - Dec 27 2005

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Jun 27 2005
Sorry i have ripped of the files because Kay has been integrated, after a lot of debuggage, refactoring and features add, in KDE. So i'am afraid that you will be forced to wait untill october to have the medianotifier (in KDE 3.5).

I hope you'll like it.

Regards. - Aug 01 2005
Thanks for your kind comment!

First of all i have to say that Kay will be integrated into KDE 3.5 under the name of medianotifier so i apologyse but no new version untill that time.

For you features request:

- Timeout is a pretty good idea i'll think about it!

- Using standard icon dialog:done! (moreover you'll see that many enhancement have been made by Kevin Ottens to the the configuration dialog!)

- KDE policy implies now to give a media:/ url when using a media so i don't want to give an other url but i think the problem you quote will shortly been fixed

- For DVD recognization trouble it comes from media kioslave because all Kay do is listening to that slave but i'll see with Kevin what i can do to fix it!

I hope you'll like next version of Kay!

Regards. - Jul 19 2005
ow okay thanks for the bug report, i'll fix that in next public version, we will be available shortly! - Jun 28 2005
what error exactly? the admin dir is very recent try to make a
make -f admin/Makefile.common cvs - Jun 27 2005
Thanks for you feedback! I take good note of the application scanner feature for next version :). - Jun 27 2005
Okay thanks to everybody comments and thanks to kevin otten, next version of Kay will automaticly listen to event, have its actions on the context menu of the medias, use the mimetypes of the media to filter the action displaying, use desktop file to store the actions, have the automatic action performing based on the mimetype instead of the device name.

Big program! If everything goes right the 0.4.0 version might be out before the first of july!

Thanks all for the feedback.

PS: if you have ideas for others neats features, post a comment to let me know it ;). - Jun 24 2005
Thanks for your kind comment! Next version of kay, thanks to Kevin Otten and his media slave and thanks too the previous comments will listen to events so you will just have to install ivman and nothing else ;). - Jun 23 2005
Okay i will try do do this ;) - Jun 22 2005
In fact kay aims to be independent of the mounting solution choosed (it's not an automounter). It just aims to display an action chooser dialog when it is called.

Thanks for your comment! - Jun 22 2005
Maxemum TV-Guide

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Mar 04 2007
Congrats for your work, but your applications isn't similar than this one: ??? - Jul 14 2005

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by l1nux
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Apr 08 2005
It's such a good idea, i was waiting for this program for a long time. Thanks a lots for this great idea! - Apr 13 2005