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by adjam
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Jan 12 2014
Here're some more great news for Rekonq: Process Isolation directly from Webkit!

More strength for Rekonq right ahead! ;)

(As always) Can't wait! =D - Apr 12 2010
Well, 0.4 is here and today I found something that I hope is helpful, even if not directly (possibly, code won't, as I suppose it's mostly javascript), but it still can point a way: .

Even Firefox is bragging about it:

I guess it's time for rekonq, now! ;)

BTW, if the name is still an issue, I'd reinforce someone's suggestion and change it very little: Rekonquer (capital R) or Rekonquest (or Web Rekonquest) or, the coolest but most audacious one, Rekonqueror ( =O )


Can't wait for some Chrome Extensions, soon! =D Hope this helps in any sort of way. - Apr 06 2010
It seems like I was right in the first place: toolbars are locked and I can't, for example, get Home button out of there. Please make them configurable again or it'll be veeery frustrating. - Dec 30 2009
Despite the adblock typo, typing correction: Wouldn't it worth it a lot? ;) - Dec 29 2009
I also realise extensions like addblock, firebug and grease monkey are a must have ...

So, that got me thinking: would you be able to make it Google Chrome Extensions compliant (I know I'm not -- I'm new at KDE development =( )? Maybe talk with those guys (chrome developers) and they could help (I see google very colaborative about their stuff -- e.g. they implemented plasma support for Google Gadgets before people talk about it!).

If this gets able to use chrome extensions, it'd totally rock (I'd kick firefox and chrome out of my daily use forever and I doubt distros shipping it as default browser would really have users needing something else). I know it could be hard (or maybe even not -- you already share webkit so only extensions that add buttons or do some other changes to interface could require work to run ... or maybe not that much work ;) ) but would it worth it a lot? - Dec 29 2009
Sorry. My bad. What I *did* miss were a few comments above ... Never mind ... =p - Dec 29 2009
Man, first of all: great job! To me, soon it could be KDE default (but I'm no one ... sorry =D ).

I really don't use menus but perhaps it could be like 0.2(.0, maybe), in which it had a menu and toolbars were configurable. Then, menu could be disabled by default and, maybe, "show/hide menu" -- or whatever alike -- button could be at right of stop/reload, with a separator between them. That was what I had in 0.2. This way, everybody wins.

Well, for me, at least toolbars could be configurable back again, so I could reposition items to where I find better. *This* is something I *do* miss now! - Dec 29 2009

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by eggy

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Jan 14 2010
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Dec 29 2009