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Jonathan Fraine

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfigura 12 comments

So I edited the python code the way that bizzl said to and it works now.

Changed line 373 or 375 (i cant remember) from

zoNa = self.zoNa[0]+"S"+zoNa[2]


zoNa = zoNa[0]+"S"+zoNa[2]

now it works fine. - Jul 02 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by cfigura 12 comments

I upgraded qt on gentoo as part of a standard world update. In fact I dont know why it upgraded because it only reinstalled itself. But the after math was this message:

* After a rebuild or upgrade of Qt, it can happen that Qt plugins (such as Qt
* and KDE styles and widgets) can no longer be loaded. In this situation you
* should recompile the packages providing these plugins. Also, make sure you
* compile the Qt packages, and the packages that depend on it, with the same
* GCC version and the same USE flag settings (especially the debug flag).
* Packages that typically need to be recompiled are kdelibs from KDE4, any
* additional KDE4/Qt4 styles, qscintilla and PyQt4. Before filing a bug report,
* make sure all your Qt4 packages are up-to-date and built with the same
* configuration.
* For more information, see

The important part is that after this update the Nixieclock stopped working and now I get the same error specified above:

Installing the package /home/jinlu/side_research/widgets/100937-NixieClock.plasmoid failed.

I have reinstalled all the plasma related programs as well as the programs listed above, but to no avail.

If there is any help, let me know; this is one of my favorite apps. I am an astronomer and my fellow astronomers love it too. :) - Jul 02 2009