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Jens Grüntjes

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Jan 17 2013
Unfortunately it seems that Deutsche Bahn changed their "Reiseinformationssystem" (travel information system). There is st least one other site ( that encounters similar problems. It looks like there are major changes necessary to get the provider Deutsche Bahn working again. - Oct 04 2012
I put the applet into the window bar (german: "Fensterleiste"). When I defined a filter via the settings dialog and afterwards want to change something in the filter the filter seems to be gone. Only after a restart of plasma I can see the filter with my initial definition.

When I add the applet to my workspace (german: "Arbeitsfläche") I can see the filter and I can change the definition.

It looks like the place where the applet is added has some influence on the filter.

Can somebody help on this? - Jul 29 2011
Thanks for quick reply.

In my first post I forgot to mention that the applet is really great and saves a lot of time looking for the next train. - Jul 29 2011
Hello, I'm using 0.10_rc1.

Unfortunately I cannot switch the language from english to german although I built the language files. Is this more likely to be a KDE problem or am I simply too blind to find the language configuration?

In a previous version of publictransport one could configure that the alarm message appears some minutes before the departure. I cannot find this option anymore. Can someone tell me where to find that?

Thanks for any help! - Jul 28 2011
GX Mail Notify

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May 06 2010
I found out that the password must be quoted with double quotes in mailchecker.cpp in the function MailChecker::writeData(Action action):

if (account->protocol == "POP3") {
data.append("USER ");
else if (account->protocol == "IMAP4") {
data.append("001 LOGIN ");
data.append(" \"");

The changed lines are tho ones containing the data.append("\"") statements. - Sep 04 2012
If I try to authenticate against my mail-server with a password that contains special characters like '(' or ')' the authentication will fail.
This could be a bug in my mail-configuration but the password works with all other mail-applications flawlessly. - Jan 20 2012

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by fpuelz

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Aug 03 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

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