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Amarok 2.x Scripts
Google Music for Amarok

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Jan 11 2017

I didn't know was useful! The public repo is in bitbucket, I don't know why the url was removed from that page.
Link: - Oct 05 2016
Can you see a file named "ListSongs.json" in the folder where is located the script?

In the case that this file exists, I think that the problem is related to the format of this file.

If this file doesn't exist, there is a problem with the connection with Google Music, or maybe the curl command is not installed. - Oct 22 2013
this json file is correct. The ListSong.json file shouldn't have html code. - Jul 23 2013
What version of Amarok are you using? In my computer with 2.5 version works fine, but in other computer (without KDE) doesn't work. This means that the problem is not in the parsing of the json file, is in the code... maybe is due to lack of libraries.

Maybe can be more useful if you can run the amarok in debugging mode (amarok --debug in a terminal), and paste here, or send me an email with the lines that show the error. - Jul 06 2013
sorry for the delay... I'm very busy these days.

How you say, I think that the problem is the characters.
If you want, give me a part of your file and I can try to find a solution.

Thank you to report the problem! - May 13 2013
If now doesn't work try to change the line 110 of the file lib.js. Change the

eval("var JSON_obj = " + listSongs);
var JSON_obj = eval( "(" + listSongs + ")" ); - Feb 10 2013
Try now, I changed a function, but I don't understand what happen. Have you got strange characters in your music allocated in google? - Feb 10 2013
Oh great! But I don't understand what happens with the html code. Now I only download the list and I parse the songs, then I create a new file and I put only the json code... The html code is not parsed, then in theory should not appears inside the json file.

In my pc works fine (I don't see any html code). Furthermore, I installed the script in two versions of Amarok (2.5.0 and 2.7.0) and works fine in both.

Thank you! - Feb 10 2013
mmm I was doing my tests with a file that has 3000 songs (2mb). Probably this is the problem, the number of songs because I tried to include a filter in order to search songs and then after few tests amarok crashes. However, I modified the script in order to reduce the size of the file, saving only the basic information.

Related of your problem, the script load the library(read the file) when you click on the Google Music for Amarok in Collection menu. Then Amarok would snap at that moment, not at the startup.

If you can give more information about the error, can help to solve it.

Thank you for your comment! - Feb 09 2013
I read this page when I was searching information. But I had problems with Android's url and I left it.
But my works is similar, I'm based on to get the Cookies, and then I used other url to get the songs ( The problem is this url only allows listen the song one time for each provided url. For listen again I need to access another time to the get the new url. - Jan 30 2013
Ah, Ok!
I have read the unOfficial api and is written in python. At this moment I think is more interesting to give a script only using javascript. If I have more time, I try to use this api because give a lot of options.

At this moment I'm working including the ".sh" into javascript files. I have included the curl function inside javascript and works fine. Now I only need to adapt the commands to javascript. - Jan 29 2013
thank you to apport your changes!

Once you've added execution permissions to the .sh file, then works or not?

If the unique problem is related to the .sh file, I can solve it. The following days I try to improve and include this script in javascript file, but I don't know if I can manage cookies with js.

This evening I will apply the patch and others modifications.

thank you,
Josep - Jan 29 2013
If you are logged correclty, then you need to press the update list button (in tools menu). This button download the list of songs in json file. Then you need to restart amarok. If you look the folder of the script (~./kde4/share/apps/amarok/scripts/google_music/) you may see the cookie.txt and a listSongs.json.

Is the first version of the script, and have a little problems. During these weeks I will try to improve it. - Jan 28 2013

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Mar 14 2013
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Amarok 2.x Scripts
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