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Jarkko Hautakorpi Seinäjoki, Finland

Bootsplash Various by Jarkko 4 comments

Those are pixel coordinates that position the overlay picture.
It is now outside your resolution, or outside the screen... - Nov 13 2010
Stargate GTK2 Metacity

Metacity Themes by shoferek 6 comments

Truely awesome! Thank you! - Mar 06 2010

GRUB Themes by Jarkko 7 comments

Grub screen is visible only as long as you dont make a choice to wich OS you want to boot. After Grub-window, bootsplash -theme is displayed if it is installed(linux) or windoze start up screen. You can allso see the BSOD window quite often, but there is no way to theme it :) :) - Sep 02 2008

GRUB Themes by Jarkko 7 comments

Do you mean you see the command line?
If so, you dont have the grub.conf -file in /boot/grub/grub.conf

default 0
timeout 10
#vga=834 (0342h) is 1400x1050
title Gentoo 2.6.26-r1
root (hd0,0)
kernel (hd0,0)/gentoo-2.6.26-r1 real_root=/dev/hda3 video=uvesafb:1400x1050-32,mtrr:3,ywrap vga=0x344 splash=verbose,theme:SG-Daedalus-1.0bs
initrd (hd0,0)/Daedalus-1400x1050

# Only in case you want to dual-boot
title WindozeXP
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader +1
-------------- - Sep 02 2008