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Dec 07 2011
Oh no, you're not doing anything wrong. The controls are not designed to be customized. Sorry it's not working for you. - Dec 09 2011
The samba filename problem should be fixed in the latest release. - Dec 09 2011
Thanks much for the kind words. The deps should be listed when cmake is run. - Dec 09 2011
Just checked on this. It looks like, at the moment, Bangarang doesn't recognize the video/webm mimetype as video for indexing purposes. It's a trivial one-line fix so I'll include it in the nextbugfix release. - Aug 02 2011
If possible, could you report this problem on the issue tracker at ? Then it will have the full attention of the team.

Thanks much! - Jan 28 2011
Thanks for the feedback! I'll have the app remember the state of the selected Audio/Video tab.

(grr - it's taking forever for my replacement laptop to arrive so I can continue working on 2.0) :-) - Aug 10 2010
Glad things are working out a bit better for you. The best way to get support when things aren't working as expected is to file a bug report. That way we can gather enough information to diagnose the problem. - Jun 21 2010
That would definitely be welcome. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to help. My email address is in About dialog in the app. And, thanks so much for your support and encouragement. :-) - May 25 2010
Sure! Working hard to get a 2.0 alpha ready in the next few weeks.

Oh, I don't remember where i got the wallpaper .
Hope this helps! - May 23 2010
Thanks much for the encouragement! :-)

Bangarang uses whatever media data is stored in nepomuk. If you set up strigi to index your data in System Settings, Bangarang will use whatever it put in nepomuk. An option in Bangarang to launch strigi is a possibility though. :-)

There are occasions when the user doesn't have strigi enabled, or prefers not to have strigi index their media files (or because some versions of strigi doesn't index all the metadata used by Bangarang) where they will use Bangarang do the indexing. But, except for data that cannot be extracted by strigi, it isn't required to use Bangarang to do it.

Hope this helps and thanks,
Andrew - May 18 2010
Thanks for the encouragement. :-)
A shortcuts editor is already in master for the upcoming 2.0 version, not to mention a few other features. The 2.0 feature list is on the developement wiki page at gutorious.

Thanks again! - May 15 2010
Thanks so much for the encouragement and feedback and also for your offer to package for fedora.

Thanks for the suggestions for dealing with seasonless TV Shows. It would certainly save unnecessary clicks.

I'm still working through the user workflows for Music Videos. I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind.

I'll look at both of your suggestion for the 2.0 release I'm currently working on. - Mar 09 2010
Thankfully, the tray icon feature is already in master. Should see it in the 2.0 release. - Feb 12 2010
This problem was fixed before beta 3. That line is no longer in the bangarang.desktop file. Are you sure you have the latest version? - Jan 18 2010
Try it. I haven't strictly tested this use case. But, currently I have all my videos on a my desktop machine. I manually mount the nfs share on my laptop when I need it. Bangarang always shows me all the videos I categorized - mounted or not.

The only thing that will likely not work is if the external hdd mounts to a different mount point. Nepomuk in KDE SC 4.4 has some new accomodation for that so I'll work that into the next feature release.

Hope this helps. - Jan 18 2010
Thankfully someone recently donated Brazilian Portuguese translations. Should be in the next bugfix release in a few weeks. - Jan 18 2010
Yeah, a Coherence plug in would be great. I'll probably make the Bangarang platform code into a library soon so it would be easy to create a Coherence plugin using it. The platform code is already completely separated from the ui code and it drives all the data in all the lists, including the sidebar lists under audio and video. If anyone cares to jump in they're more than welcome! - Jan 07 2010
Thanks much for the info. I'll definitely take a look. :-) - Jan 06 2010
Yeah, I'll be adding a "Add selected to <Saved List>" action, just haven't gotten around to it yet. :-)

The Video Clips type is the catch all at the moment for anything that's not a Movie or a TV Show. Shorts is also a good name for it I guess, but I'll leave it as Video Clips for now. I've have something very specific in mind for music vidoes, but it needs a few more pieces - likely be a post 1.0 thing... I really want to focus on getting the basics working relatively bug free first.

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. - Nov 24 2009
Thanks very much taking the time to test and report these errors. :-)
Sorry, you've run into difficulties. :-(

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce the error and I'm unable to decipher much from the gdb output provided. If anyone else has any ideas, I certainly welcome them.

In the meantime, feel free to file a bug report if you'd like to keep track any fixes.
- Nov 08 2009
Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I've been greatly encouraged, and perhaps mildly overwhelmed, by the response both here and on the planet! I only hope it will live up to the high expectations! yikes! :-)

Thanks again. - Oct 12 2009
Unfortunately I've never used Apport... :-(

Since others are reporting similar problem, I'll work with what they can provide. Thanks for testing and provide the feedback! It is really appreciated! - Oct 12 2009
not sure... Not using a special flag here. hmmm... I'll try to find out and get back to you. If anyone else has any ideas, chime in. :-) - Oct 12 2009
I'll try to clear those warnings tonight. :-) - Oct 09 2009
Would you mind trying fresh sources from below and tell me if you still encouter the problem? oooh, I hate segfaults. They're a b***h for me to track down.

You can get the fresh sources from If you don't have git you can download a tarball of the source by clicking on the "Source Tree" link. the "Download as tar.gz" link is on the left. - Oct 09 2009
This might be fixed with a recent commit. You can get the fresh sources from If you don't have git you can download a tarball of the source by clicking on the "Source Tree" link. the "Download as tar.gz" link is on the left. - Oct 08 2009
ok so I added a few extra mimetypes to the file list engine.

You can get the fresh sources from If you don't have git you can download a tarball of the source by clicking on the "Source Tree" link. the "Download as tar.gz" link is on the left. - Oct 08 2009
Thanks very much. That helps a lot. I'll take a look after work tonight. - Oct 08 2009
It's all shared. The app was actually posted on kde-apps but opendesktop agreggates them all so yay! - Oct 08 2009
Oh and thanks for dropping in your ppa! You rock!!! - Oct 08 2009
Thanks so much for trying it out!

Could you say what other kinds of video files you're trying to open that it's not seeing? I basically took a stab at a list of mimetypes for it to recognize, so I'd like to check if your video type aren't in this list or if it's come other bug. - Oct 08 2009
Thanks for trying it. If you have any backtrace info to share, it might be immensely helpful in figuring out what's causing your crash.

Thanks for your help! - Oct 08 2009
If you happen to be able to generate a backtrace and would be willing send it to me in a message, it might help me figure what causing your crash.

Thanks for your help! - Oct 08 2009
Thanks for the ideas!

So I'll be updating the video ontology to allow adding genre for videos. I'll likely add a genre selection under the video media lists. Still working on allowing adding artwork. I'm gonna work hard though to not overload the UI. - Oct 08 2009
Looks like missing or incorrect Phonon includes. There was a bug in the Phonon camel case includes in Qt 4.5.0 or Qt 4.5.1 that caused similar problems for me when compiling. That bug went away either when I updated to Qt 4.5.2 or when I updated to KDE 4.3 from backports in kubuntu (don't remember which). Not sure if it's the same problem you're experiencing but hopefully it helps a little.

Thanks much for the feedback. If I come up with any other ideas I'll pass them on. If anyone else has any ideas I'm all ears. - Oct 07 2009
Thanks much!!! - Oct 07 2009
Hmm, it looks like it's having a problem finding the Phonon includes on your install. I'll take a look to see what I can do to help.

Thanks much for the feedback. - Oct 07 2009

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Feb 13 2010
Thanks so much for all your work!

This has become so essential to my Bangarang hacking, it'll be a cold day in hell before anyone separates me from my ksoprano. :-)
- Feb 13 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser 290 comments

by adjam
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014
This is wonderful! This new version looks great. Love the refinments and I'm excited about the future of this browser. It just... looks... good. You clearly have a vision for rekonq This is no longer just an Arora fork with better KDE integration. This becoming a credible, modern browser in it's own right.

Love it, love it, love it.

Exciting times! - Oct 30 2009

Plasma Themes 62 comments

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Feb 15 2009
Droid Sans. :-) - Oct 07 2009
The text and shadow rendering is handled by the widget itself (in this case the tasks widget). Perhaps they'll add to the tasks widget an option to change the text color or not show a shadow (like the folderview currently does). It's an option I wouldn't mind myself. :-) - Feb 17 2009
Great! Now that you're a plasma theme expert, I'm looking forward to seeing a new theme from you. :-) - Jan 26 2009
The svg file handling tasks theming is tasks.svg in the widgets folder. If you open that file, delete elements with the "attention-" id prefix, make a copy of the elements with the "focus-" id prefix then rename the id of these new elements to "attention-topleft", "attention-top", etc. Save the file and reload the theme by switching to another theme and back.

Hope this helps. - Jan 25 2009

Plasma Themes 20 comments

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Feb 15 2009
At the moment the shutdown dialog is designed to work with KDE 4.2.x which uses the standard 9 element background to render the shutdown dialog. (It does this because shutdown dialog may appear at different sizes in 4.2.x). I could group these 9 elements with a group id = "background" which would make it compatible with both kde 4.1 and kde 4.2. I'll post an update when I get around to it. I'm unable to duplicate the problems you're having with your systray.

Hope this helps and glad you find the theme useful! - Mar 26 2009
No problem man. I was genuinely hoping you would like it. Happy birthday!! - Feb 20 2009
Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the problem you're having. If others are having this problem let me know. - Feb 17 2009
The screen shot is showing the Oxygen color scheme and KDE 4.2 so I'm having a bear of a time figuring this out. Anyone else having this problem? - Feb 16 2009
That's odd. Text color in the panel is supposed to be whatever your current foreground text color is. Is the text color always white no matter which color scheme you use? Does the same problem occur with Aya? - Feb 16 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
I really really love this. It is now my default ask manager.

Would it be possible to add a setting to not show text shadows? Hopefully the KDE task manager will have a similar option by 4.3. It'll really help when using lighter colored plasma themes where some would like to turn off the white text shadow.

Thanks so much for this really awesome plasmoid.

Take care. - Mar 12 2009

Plasma Themes 18 comments

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Jan 31 2009
I got them ages ago. I have no idea where I originally got them from, sorry. Glad you like the theme though.

:-) - Jan 20 2009
Ambiance plasma

Plasma Themes
by Scnd101

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Feb 12 2011
Current Song

Plasma 4 Extensions
by keystonerose

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Nov 14 2010
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Sep 28 2010

by oheidbuechel

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Dec 18 2009
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Oct 30 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by nik3nt3

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Sep 24 2009
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Sep 24 2009

Plasma Themes
by Kame2

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Sep 24 2009

Music Production
by rncbc

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Mar 22 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

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Mar 12 2009

Application Styles
by skulptor

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Jan 24 2009

Plasma Themes
by AdrienV

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Jan 07 2009

Plasma Themes
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Jan 07 2009
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9   Apr 24 2011

Full Icon Themes
by linuxfever

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9   Apr 24 2011

Plasma Themes
by Saleel

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9   Apr 24 2011
Elven Ice

Plasma Themes
by devadittya

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9   Apr 24 2011

Plasma Themes
by Saleel

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9   Apr 24 2011

Plasma Themes
by Saleel

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9   Feb 12 2011
Ambiance plasma

Plasma Themes
by Scnd101

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9   Feb 12 2011

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

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3   Dec 24 2010
Current Song

Plasma 4 Extensions
by keystonerose

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9   Nov 14 2010
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9   Sep 28 2010