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Hoppla [Philips Hue Operation Plasmoid]

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by Fuchs
Score 85.2%
Dec 05 2019
brings Phlips hue support to Linux in form of a nice plasmoid - May 24 2019
hi Fuchs, i found now information on a nice site ("Running Philips Hue Lights Locally") about setting date/time via API and opened an issue in github ( with the link - it's my first time and hope i did it correctly. i see it would be also possible to set the bridge network settings in the same place too (dhcp/ip/netmask/etc). that would be a nice addition too since i had to get a smartphone just to disable dhcp and set a static IP one one bridge (and the other one is still set to dhcp and i have to start up a dhcp server on a linux box every time the bridge reboots) - May 24 2019
i can't rate it so i'm writing a comment in here: thank you very much for the great plasmoid/widget! :-)

i'm not a programmer but if i can make a feature request, now that Philips Hue Play has been released, it would be to control the colours of lights depending on the colours shown on the PC screen on the kde desktop, like Philips Ambilight does on TV's or the addon "script.kodi.hue.ambilight" does on Kodi, like this:

maybe part of the code can be even reused?

and it would be also nice to be able to see and change the date and time set on the bridge in case you can't or don't want to connect it to the internet and it doesn't reach a NTP server - Jan 10 2019
Score 85.2%
10   May 24 2019
brings Phlips hue support to Linux in form of a nice plasmoid