Science by ariya 36 comments

The expression being typed could be parsed on-the-fly (for each character typed) to tell if a valid result can be returned (numeric).

Another interesting feature would be a button to clear the line, like in eqchem (another kind of calculator, see http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=14542 :). - Oct 21 2004

Science by ariya 36 comments

It does the same job as bc (or dc). Some features could make it more interesting than bc (for me :)
* a dialog for customizing the fonts (my parents have a bad sight) and the colors
* telling when an expression is valid or not *before* actually typing it would help a lot
* having tab completion for functions given the first letters - Oct 05 2004

Tactics & Strategy by Andi 12 comments

I totally agree, it should become compliant to the kde HIG :)

I don't get any sound by the way (is it supposed to produce any sound?). - Sep 15 2004
Idea: Re-designing 'Recent Files' / URBs

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sgtpepper 18 comments

A search combobox in a popupmenu ..
Tooltips popping up above popupmenus ..
Menus that will hardly fit in a 800x600 screen ..

Well, you can implement that if you like, but doubt that i will ever use that, and I am against having that in the default kde menu (for everyone)

In my opinion, the recent files should not appear in a menu (the kde menu has already way too many items), but in a standalone application (used for browsing, searching, showing the recent files that are now invalid, etc). - Aug 09 2004

Text Editors by cz8s 43 comments

.. but it should not crash - Jul 16 2004
Sidebar improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ra1n 26 comments

.. but it is actually hard to tell if it is good or bad from only a picture. Could you make a patch to konqueror to see how it works for real ?

Thanks in advance - Jul 13 2004

Text Editors by cz8s 43 comments

i have tried kletterwizard 0.9.5 and encountered the following problems :

* kletterwizard crashes if kghostview is not installed
here is the error message : "FATAL: Could NOT find a Part for image/x-eps (Postscript Viewer). Is KGhostview installed ?"

* The tab order is not set up properly on the gui (try to switch from one lineedit to another with the tab key). - Jul 12 2004

Science by hinner 7 comments

is still unavailable ? - Jul 05 2004

Office Apps by nic 7 comments

Indeed, it would be better if integrated in kile. - Jun 22 2004

Arcade by jmarten 9 comments

The configure script would not find the qt libraries, so i had to replace the admin directory by the kdesdk admin directory, copy Makefile.cvs into krepton run make -f Makefile.cvs and then configure would work.

You should also add #include to krepton/map1.cpp, otherwise "rand" is not found, making an error when compiling

There is still an error when installing the episodes (make install) : the variable datadir calls itself recursively.

I could find a workaround for episodes/africa, with this into the Makefile.am and running make force-reedit :
tdatadir = $(kde_datadir)/$(PACKAGE)/episodes/africa
tdata_DATA = info map1 map2 map3 map4 map5 map6 map7 map8 \

The graphics are terrible, you should consider making them in svg and loading the pixmaps with kiconloader :) - May 27 2004
Aqua Fusion Blue

KDE 3 Color Schemes by AquaFusion 1 comment

It's probably the best color scheme. I've been using it for at least two months, with plastik style & deco.
It is also great with kde1 window decoration.

Oddly enough it does not fit so well in keramik style (the scrollbars are too dark). - Apr 29 2004

Cursors by 198761 7 comments

The cursors are simple, clean, not too intrusive and very usable .. come on, how can this project get only 60% of "good" ? :) - Apr 21 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by radiz 17 comments

In your .ui form (using designer?), select the main widget itself, and in the properties disable the resize handle if you don't want your dialog to resize.
The widgets should also be layouted in a grid (right-click on the form and choose "layout in a grid") because they don't appear/resize properly here.

You could also make your pref dialog more easily, with standard buttons ok, apply and cancel, by using kconfigxt (requires kde 3.2) - check "soli" or http://freehackers.org/~tnagy/totry.tar.bz2 - Apr 16 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by radiz 17 comments

Overall, this is a good idea. There are however some little things that prevent me from using it everyday :
* The left handle should be hidden
* The height of the button does not scale when kicker is in size "normal", "large" or "small" (I use it in size Normal)
* The menu appears where the click event occurs, and is not aligned to the left of the button (not like the original K button)
* There should be a dialog for changing the text on the button (missing preference dialog) or disabling it entirely (thus having the usual K button look and feel). - Apr 15 2004
Multi-Platform File Manager

System Software by Lunik 9 comments

Why ? because it is not really well integrated to the kde desktop (actions, copy and paste, dcop communication) and it does not use the look and feel that kde provides (widgets, colors)

Apart from that, I do not see the point in reinventing another file manager (konqueror, mc, ..) in a tool that few kde users might have (java). - Mar 31 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by sebaro 6 comments

who said that ? - Jan 14 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TWD 24 comments

kleardock works perfectly compared to ksmoothdock. There is perhaps only the tooltips, which appear too fast :) - Jan 13 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TWD 24 comments

Ksmoothdock does work and is fun to play with, but there are still very annoying visual oddities :
* when the mouse enters in the bar zone from the top, it grows a lot for 1/4 second before it takes its final size
* when the mouse enters from the left, the bar grows all in a sudden (not smooth at all)
* if the mouse is on the bar, and moved slowly to the right, the bar keeps blinking (probably a bug)

I hope that these issues are resolved in ksmoothdock cvs. - Jan 13 2004

Network by bilibao 13 comments

fish:// in konqueror works also :) - Jan 07 2004

System Software by MxCl 125 comments

It needs some action like "right-click" -> delete and "right-click"->"action"->"kgpg shred" :)

Is there any possibility of seeing filelight integrated or merged with kdirstat ? kdirstat has some interesting features like animated scanning that would be useful in filelight actually. - Jan 06 2004
crystal xcursors

Cursors by mart 125 comments

This cursor theme is simply wonderful. The shapes are well chosen (not too big, not too small), and the animations are carefully designed (wait cursor).

In addition, the blue color theme fits well with the default kde crystal theme.

Just one thing : in my humble opinion it would be perfect if it was easier to install (transform it into an install script ?) so that one could install it right from konqueror.

Apart from that this is the best cursor theme i've seen, thank you ! - May 20 2003
Anti-SCO Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by SeanParsons 16 comments

Beware, SCO could sue you for this (be careful with the logo). Otherwise, I don't think the orange color is appropriate (better with a black background). - May 17 2003
SignalOS Cursors

Cursors by velenux 19 comments

Guess why I recommended to make an install script or a self-installing package ;-) - May 14 2003
SignalOS Cursors

Cursors by velenux 19 comments

The theme is wonderful ! With colors and alphablending it would be perfect. Concerning the installation, could you make an install script ? It is not that hard to install, but some people really hate to type more than one command line. Such and archive would be quite easy to do since there is nothing to compile. I think it can be made easily using makeself (http://www.megastep.org/makeself/). Don't forget to include md5 integrity check in your script ;-)

Thanks - May 11 2003