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John Varouhakis Chania, Greece
Plasma 4 Extensions
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Plasma 4 Extensions 52 comments

by iovar
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Jan 29 2009
Should be fine now. - Jan 29 2009
You can get a version that compiles with 4.1.96(4.2RC1), here:

I would update the links, but currently there seems to be some bug or change in
the site code, that prevents me from doing it. - Jan 14 2009
You can also try
svn checkout toggle-compositing-read-only

I have made the changes for 4.1 for some time now, but I haven't had the time to refine it and go for a release. - Jul 29 2008
Thanks, I've added the link on the download section
(for am3rok and netgraph, too :) - Apr 05 2008
For some people, including myself,
turning off compositing improves
dramatically video playing and gaming
performance, but turning it on
improves the overall desktop
experience. So in lack of an ideal
situation, switching happens often
enough to justify the existence of a
quick button like this.

Besides, if you have no use for it,
then you don't have to use it ;). - Apr 04 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 28 comments

by iovar
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Aug 19 2008
Sorry ,I don't plan to.
I use the system monitor plasmoid now. - Jan 20 2009
thanks for the comments :) - Jan 26 2008
yet another KDE4 screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

by iovar
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Sep 16 2008
Thanks :).
I picked up the wallpaper from here: - Sep 19 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 57 comments

by iovar
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Aug 19 2008
I'm sorry but I really can't come up with any ideas on why it fails.
The code is really simple on that point and I can't see where it fails.
Starting up amarok instead of playing, means that this call:
QStringList() <<
"amarok" <<
"player" <<

returns with an error code .

Anyway, sorry for not being helpful. If you find a solution yourself be sure to let me know ;) . - Aug 21 2008
Will you also please try this?:

$ dcop amarok player playPause
$ echo $?

(this is what am3rok uses, when play is pressed) - Aug 20 2008
>> KDE4.1 runtime but the development libs are KDE4.0.4, so maybe because of that I'm getting these errors

Given your output, it seems that this is your problem. Unfortunately until you update your devel packages you won't be able to compile any plasmoids since there have been many changes in the API during the 4.0 -> 4.1 transition .
(compiling older versions, written for 4.0 will also not work, since you won't be able to link these to the new libraries). - Aug 20 2008
This means that the dcop query exits with an error. Can you run this on the cli (with amarok open)?
$ dcop amarok player play
$ echo $?

Normally it should print 0 - Aug 20 2008
What errors? If you are getting something like
error: plasma/widgets/widget.h: No such file or directory
(as in the grand-parent post), then you are using an older version of plasma-am3rok.
If you are getting something different, then I cannot give any advise, without having seen it.

And btw, yes you need a full KDE4.1
runtime and development environment to use this plasmoid.

>> (Sorry for the noob Q)
no prob ;) - Aug 20 2008
use the latest version of plasma-am3rok please(0.4.1). This issue had to do with the app not having being ported to KDE 4.1, which it now is (as of 0.4). - Aug 19 2008
Well, anyway I don't think I can help you with this.
The backtrace clearly indicates that the crash doesn't happen
in plasma-am3rok's code (mmbuttonwidget.cpp:77 is just the closing
bracket of the destructor).

Thanks for the feedback though and sorry for not being
able to provide a solution. - Apr 03 2008
According to your backtrace, the
program reaches the end of plasma-
am3rok's destructor successfully
and the last resolved symbol is
the destructor of the layoutitem base
Which makes me believe that this is
not a bug in the plasmoid itself.
Have you tried adding other plasmoids
and removing them, to see if you get the same crash? - Apr 03 2008
>> of course i could do that, but how.
>> teach me how and you will get it soon.

You can find relevant information here:

Basically you have to install the
debug packages provided from your
distro, for kdelibs+kdebase.

Then when plasma crashes, save the
output from the crash handler and post
it here, or better yet, on a new bug
report in this location: - Apr 03 2008
I can't 'fix' an issue that I'm not
experiencing myself.

How about providing a backtrace? - Apr 03 2008
I'm following svn-trunk and I haven't experienced
any behavior of this kind.
Let me know if you find out any defects in
the code.

Thanks. - Mar 11 2008
There is indeed a problem with non-unicode
characters but your patch seems to fix it.

I've merged the changes on the source tree
so the next version will not have this problem.

Thanks :). - Mar 10 2008
Well that's your problem then,

DCOP is still needed for kde3.*
apps and the plasmoid does a series
of external calls to it, in order
to fill the information.

Do as you said (add it to $PATH)
and the the problem should be gone.
Be carefull if you have overlapping binaries,
not to give priority to the kde3 apps over the
kde4 equivalents.

Or if you don't want to mess the
paths , add a symlink from that dirs
dcop executable, to your ~/bin
(asuming you have ~/bin and it is on
your $PATH). - Feb 14 2008
What do you get if you run this on the cli:
~$ dcop amarok player title

while amarok is playing ?
Try also with album and artist
instead of title. - Feb 14 2008
AFAIK these are related to
plasmoidviewer itself and you'll
probably get them even if you specify
an invalid applet name. - Feb 13 2008
this bug should be gone now. - Feb 13 2008
When you said "grows horizontally",
you meant that it keeps growing
without stop ? I just updated
my svn copy of kde and I'm getting this problem.
It might be a libplasma bug though,
cause many widgets (dictionary, kget,
hard disk monitor) seem to overstep
the boundaries of their layouts.

Anyway, it definitely needs fixing,
so I'll look into it. - Feb 12 2008
1) That's not a bug, it's a feature ;).

More seriously, I'm aware of this behavior, since I've intentionally
added a call to updateGeometry. The reason is that otherwise the info
might overgrow and it appears behind the progressbar and buttons.

2) Yes a popup would be easy enough, though I don't agree that track
information is more useful than the buttons. It's a control applet, primarily.

Anyway, both of your points make sense, (the resizing bug must be fixed
and the panel version needs a popup), but the problem is that I've only made
this as a quick replacement to kicker-media-applet and it already fullfills
my needs.

And Amarok 2 is going to be out soon enough so I don't want to be spending
my time on something obsolete.

So, I'm not excluding that I might work on these issues, but I'm not
promising anything either. - Feb 08 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 35 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 05 2008
That's exactly what was missing from
my desktop.

Thanks! - Apr 03 2008