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joey greenwood huddersfield, United Kingdom
end april desktop

Gnome Screenshots by Whise 7 comments

nice setup man =p - Apr 30 2008
Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

it looks great, and its a ncie simple idea, thats really imaginative and i love it.

but id love it even more if i could get it to work with xmms :P

am i missing something, because if i use the command eg"xmms -b" thats forward one song, but all that seems to do is try and open a new xmms session. =/ help?
- Mar 13 2008
Gombo Dark Mac

Metacity Themes by gombo 7 comments

aah, thank you man =] and keep this theme going =p - Jan 20 2008

XMMS Skins by tyrry33 5 comments

is this actualy your theme? because i downloaded a xmms pack which contained a few different themes and this was one of them. =/ - Jan 18 2008
Gombo Dark Mac

Metacity Themes by gombo 7 comments

that theme is pretty hawt, wd =]

one thing... i don't appear to have the same panel as is shown in your screenshot =/ is it from another theme and you've added it to your own?

also, i think the orange text in the window border could be made a little more subtle/less sharp =p

but its the best theme ive seen in a while congrats ;D - Jan 18 2008