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Horst G√ľnther Burkhardt Sydney NSW, Australia
Glow Lava Dark

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Jan 10 2009
I don't suppose you could make one for the nice vivid blue theme in the Glow family at some point? :\

I've been looking for something similar in your work and others' but no such luck :( - May 16 2009
Cheers man, that's brilliant.

Glow Lava Dark is now running on my Macintosh (it runs FreeBSD) ... and looks fscking gorgeous! :D - Jan 04 2009
The screenshot you have makes the tabs look _nice_ ...

what gtk engine are you using, and what gtk theme? I clearly need them.

(I'm on freebsd, ports for those would be even better)

I utterly love this, it'll be even more l33t when i actually can run it properly :D - Dec 20 2008