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Peter Vasvari Veszprem, Hungary

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Jan 17 2013
Well, since there is a new version, and somebody asked me to make a new .deb, here you go (it is made by checkinstall) (if its not start, just install ktorrent from repo, and install the package. that will should do it): - Jun 27 2008
Ktorrent 2.2.6 debian package amd64 (Compiled on Ubuntu 8.04 with Checkinstall, without any problem.): - Apr 26 2008
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Nov 23 2012
Very nice theme. <3 Motoko :))) - May 10 2008
kore dekorator (unofficial)

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May 08 2007
hello. I like the theme, but I have a question. Can you make it smaller? I mean.. mostly the left-right side, and the bottom what are HUGE. The "theme" is awesome. Just please make a "minimalistic" one what I wrote. Thanks so much. - Mar 15 2008