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Blue Pill

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Mar 06 2012
sorry, was not my intention, although I read the ubuntu trademark information pages, I still don't understand what License to use, could you please write me which to choose from? GPL or LGPL? This would be more helpful than writing "omg"... thanks - Mar 06 2012
Thanks guys, you were right, it wasn't exactly in the middle, I moved it to the left. - May 09 2011
Dropbox systray icon (KDE)

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May 07 2011
Hi, looks beautiful! Is it possible to implement it, into Kfilebox? How? Thanks in advance! - May 07 2011
Kubuntu Spectrum Theme

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Sep 19 2010
Thank You
Have a look at the Splash Screen if you like: - Sep 20 2010
Thx for the comment!
No, it's not my picture, I took it from this site to use it at first for the splash screen I made, and then I wanted to have it uniformly so I created this KDM Theme.
For the other issue, I will look to it in the future versions, Thx! - Sep 20 2010
dog guard

Animals 2 comments

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Sep 19 2010
Why so small? Most of us have now higher resolutions, even on netbooks... - Sep 11 2010
Media Player Mouse Gestures

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 4 comments

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Mar 20 2012
Well :) never had an Apple Mouse in my hands, but as I have seen on the pictures, it has a "scroll button" in it, is it correct? Couldn't you just set it on 2 (middle button) instead of 3 (right button)?
On behalf of the multi-touch gestures, I have a netbook myself with a multi-touch touchpad, but do not know now, how to adapt it to it at the moment, maybe I will find out in the future, but at the moment I cannot even access the "Touchpad settings", hell knows why :)
- Sep 05 2010
I use the third button as well and I know, that VLC has a menu option with the right button, but if you move the gesture and not just click the right button, it should start the action. - Sep 04 2010

Wallpaper Other 14 comments

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Aug 18 2010
is this really your work?
what about the similarity of Zwopper?
Who has done it first? - Aug 18 2010
Austrian Radio Streams Service

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Apr 16 2014
Another cool radio station is the Viennese based
The original FM reception is very bad (They are based on the Mariahilf and you have problems to listen to it in the next Bezirk ;), but the stream is OK!
Hope you like it! Thanks for your work! May I use it as a base for Slovak radio list? - Aug 07 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens 21 comments

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May 06 2010
Thx :)
I should update it with the newer kubuntu logo, but I'm now switching to Mint 9 KDE so maybe if I find some to do it, I will update ;) - Jul 29 2010
Thx, I appreciate! - May 06 2010
As requested, Spectrum is updated with a Tux version and a new Kubuntu Lucid theme. Enjoy! Hope you like it! - May 06 2010
sorry for the delay.
I just added Arch&Chakra Versions of Spectrum. Hope you still interested! - Feb 01 2010
I will put one ASAP! - Sep 05 2009
Hi, I just downloaded it again and it still works fine for me.
For what do you used ark? You don't need to. Just go to Settings->Appearance-Splash Screen and there just hit install from file and there you Go! - Sep 05 2009
thx, I appreciate.
next time, I'd like to use unique icons as well. - Aug 29 2009
Desktop in Alt-Tab Switch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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May 02 2010
oh, just looked on and now I get it, you´re one of the developers of KDE. Anyway, I´m looking forward for the new feature and all the others! Thx for your great work! - May 06 2010
that's great! How do I upgrade to KDE 4.5 in Kubuntu 9.10 with 4.4.2? - May 06 2010
Great! So I guess, I just looked not sufficiently for this idea. But anyway, I'm looking forward to it! Hope this adaptation is not just for the plasma-netbook edition. Thx for the discovery - May 03 2010
I already have a keyboard shortcut for showing the desktop (Meta+M), but this is a feature in the Alt-Tab selection.
If I understood you properly, an icon in the panel, is an extra movement with the mouse and not with hands on the keyboard.
I know it is just a small idea, but an improvement nevertheless and I know there are plenty possibilities in KDE to show the desktop ;) - May 03 2010
I added it over at KDE Brainstorm, where you can support this improvement... - May 03 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

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Jan 17 2013
Unfortunately, as far as I know, every city in SVK has its own code for buses, trams, etc...
Here is the list of what is what in Bratislava
Trolleybuses are the numbers 33 and 201-212. You can try the stop Kozia, there should be only two trolleybuses. - Feb 04 2010
version 0.6.6 - during compilation of plasma-applet: CMAKE complains about
error: QGraphicsEffect: No such file or directory in settings.cpp
when removing #include QGraphicsEffect from settings.cpp - everything works OK and compiles and install.
furthermore, diacritics (accented characters do not show correctly, and although this is minor detail, it should be fixed) more thing...
Bratislava trolleybuses are not correctly marked by the trolleybus icon - BA trolleybuses are lines no. 200-220
Anyway, your application is great and thank you for it! Keep up the great work! - Feb 04 2010
by now, the two applets on the desktop work, I hope they don't mix up.
It would be great if the home stops would be in one applet (as I know which bus departs from which station). I think there is plenty room underneath the settings of "home stop" for example with a "plus" sign, one can add a location from where he wants the information from (like adding attachments in gmail). Of course, the left up description of the home stop would not be valid anymore.
Thank you very much for your response! - Jan 31 2010
Hello, great plasmoid!
Is it possible to add two home stops, because I live in the middle between two different stations, and I would like to get informations from both of them. Can I add it somehow?
Auf Deutsch:
Super Arbeit, Danke!
Ist es möglich, dass man zwei Heimstationen einstellt, bzw. kann man diese noch in das Plasmoid einarbeiten? Ich wohne zwischen zwei unterschiedlichen Haltestellen und würd gern Infos von beiden bekommen. Wie krieg ich das hin? Danke für die Implementierung (sollte diese stattfinden) im Voraus! Schönes Wochenende! - Jan 30 2010
Slovak radio

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by typekpb

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Mar 25 2011
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9   Nov 18 2013
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9   May 21 2011
Slovak radio

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by typekpb

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9   Mar 25 2011
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9   Dec 28 2010
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9   Sep 26 2010
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9   Sep 26 2010