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hekel pandorah , United States of America

Wallpaper Other by notrael 12 comments

3 years later.. nothing has changed.. people slap horribly pixelated highly jpeg compressed ubuntu logos on anything and call it a wallpaper, and the ubuntu newbies eat it up. there are thousands of horrid ubuntu walls and not much of anything else anymore.ive almost stopped looking for wallapapers on gnome-look. :( - Jun 06 2009
Orange stars

Wallpaper Other by AsHoD 2 comments

"Type: GNOME Wallpaper 1600x1200"
The download is 1024x768, is it not?.. :( - May 06 2008
Stallman pop-art

Wallpaper Other by gnome-like 2 comments

It was kinda neat until the end... RMS is the father of, GNU.. Torvalds is the Father of Linux.. and if this was a joke, sir, i am missing the funny, heh. - May 06 2008
TorrentSearch Screenlet

Conky by Whise 4 comments

why dont people just upload their submitions to instead of linking to a filesharing site where the links usually break? - Feb 26 2008
Arch Underlight (3 Colours)

GDM Themes by thayerw 3 comments

wonderful, i love it - Jul 27 2007