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Harry Organs
this is the same dumbass mistake drxnele found, lol. i'm not checking for the existence of that string, and it came back empty. sorry guys, i just kinda whipped this one out as a front-end for my python NV-CONTROL module. i'll clean it up to get rid of these things and be back with a better version soon. i'll make the new one display all sorts of stuff so it'll at least be useful to most ppl. thanks for the bug report, i'm on it. - Jul 21 2008
okay, this one is caused by the fact that i was too lazy to check for attribute existence. no temperature attribute available. i'm back on NvThermometer now, so i'll fix that and add some features to make it useful as more than a thermometer. thanks for the report! - Jul 21 2008
done :) thanks for the fix! - Jul 07 2008
yeah, i'd say that's
a fair statement ;) unless,
of course, u live on the
planet Mercury? rofl!

i'd like to see the output
from 'nvidia-settings -q all'
please. that will hopefully
give me an idea of what's
going on here. it just lists
most everything NV-CONTROL knows.
it'll at least tell me if i got
the wrong number format or sumthin.
if you've got the time, post that
output or send it to me.
thanks for the feedback! - Jul 07 2008