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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
So far, so good - nothing obvious appears to be broken with the latest update :)

It's only been about 20 minutes since I updated though... I'll report back if I find any problems. - Aug 15 2013
Turns out both the problems I mentioned were fixed by updating Tab Mix Plus, so never mind ;) - Aug 14 2013
I'm really looking forward to the update, because since upgrading to FF 23 the tabs on the tab bar have become super-wide. Also, when running FF without a title bar and using the OxygenKDE theme's min/max/close buttons, the close button has stopped working (but the min & max buttons still work fine). - Aug 14 2013
I also use a dark Qt theme, and I've found that the forms problem is down to web devs coding the CSS for forms to specify a dark text colour but not specifying the background colour, leaving us dark theme users with dark text on a dark background. They should specify both or neither - not just one!

I fix it by using the "Stylish" add-on with a custom user-style that overrides the page's CSS for forms. - Mar 16 2013
The combination of Firefox 13 and Oxygen KDE 3.9 has fixed the slow scrolling problem :-)

I can now go back to using my favourite Firefox theme, thanks! - Jun 08 2012
I don't know if this will help figure out the cause of the problem, but just in case:

When I was running FF10 with Oxygen KDE 3.7, scrolling was fine... except when viewing the Addons manager page, where the scrolling was very slow.

Now running FF11 + OxyKDE 3.8, and slow scrolling affecting all web pages in addition to the Addon manager; one thing I do notice is that if I tap the down arrow on my keyboard, the scrollbar moves down almost instantly, but I estimate that a few hundred milliseconds passes before the actual page content scrolls down. Also, if I hold down the down arrow key, the page content continues scrolling for around 1/2 a second after I stop pressing the key. - Apr 04 2012
OK, just created an empty test profile, and installed Oxygen KDE 3.8 on that profile. I didn't install any other extensions or themes, and I left all of the Oxygen KDE Options on their default settings.

Scrolling is now very slightly faster - it isn't quite as slow as it is on my main profile, but it's still noticeably slower than the default theme.

I even tried turning off Kwin compositing, but that made no difference.

In case it helps with the troubleshooting process, I'm running Kubuntu 11.10 with Nvidia binary blob graphics drivers. - Mar 28 2012
Been using Oxygen KDE for a few months now without problems, until I upgraded to FF 11.0 when all of a sudden scrolling (either with the mouse wheel, keyboard arrows or scroll buttons) became very laggy & slow. There is a noticeable delay between rolling the mouse wheel or pressing up/down arrows and the page actually scrolling.

Updating to Oxygen KDE 3.8 hasn't fixed this problem. Switching to a different theme fixes the scrolling lag, but I like Oxygen KDE better than any other theme I've seen.

I'm not seeing anyone else reporting this problem, so I guess it might be something odd about my setup - anyone got any ideas of what I might try to fix it? Any known issues with other add-ons? - Mar 28 2012
Generic Animations (BeGeneric ;-)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 117 comments

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Jan 30 2012
You can get it from this PPA: - Jan 13 2012
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

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9   Aug 29 2012