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frank sagurna Pulheim, Germany
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
As i updated my distribution recently, now i am using 0.9.18, so should be gone now. Thx for your response anyway. And thx for that great weather plasmoid. - Feb 28 2010
There seems to be a bug that makes plasma crash because of CWP.:

One commenter states the following:
"Looking at the code, it is using synchronus calls using KIO, (on a different
thread) and that is not allowed by KIO (it will generate random crashes)"

Maybe you can fix this. - Feb 26 2010
Linux MultiMedia Studio

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Nov 21 2007
I never did music, because i am no musician, but seeing this program just makes me think i should try it :)
I know the look of a program should not matter as much as the functionality but i dont know about the functionality because i am not familiar with this.
I only want to give a compliment for the design, to encourage you to keep up developing good software. - Nov 22 2007
KDE Priority handler

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Oct 29 2007
Maybe storing some different profiles will do the best job for that kind of requests? - Oct 01 2007
Some calendar

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

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Jul 10 2007
Maybe you shouldnt do that if the fonts are copyrighted ... - Jul 10 2007
OSD Movies (merged US/FR)

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

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Dec 28 2007
I think a slideshow (configurable) would be nice, so as example every 5 seconds you get the next movie shown without need to scroll manually. - Apr 30 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 1 comment

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Oct 12 2006
I thought about something like this could be useful.
I will try it if i find some time, but i find the name is not well choosen, cause i thought in the first moment this is an entry for bpmdj and not for an amarĂ³k script.
Could be better if you change the name ... - Oct 13 2006

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Sep 19 2006
Btw: You can find the backgound her: - Sep 20 2006
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
You say nudity is not the issue, but i think for most people complaining here it is, cause noone is complaining about things like this:

This, in fact, does have nothing to do with KDE, too. - Sep 11 2006
Nice, i try to discuss and you get personal ... nice way to act with people. You dont know me, so you can not know about my knowledge about art.

And besides that: Yes i am Robin Hood. - Sep 10 2006
And what does that has to do with kde-look:
(Just a few examples, there are many many more)

And for such wallpaper nobody is complaining, so why don't you complain for every landscape wallpaper but here? - Sep 07 2006

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
I have a startuptime from about 25 seconds wit amarok 1.4.2 on KDE 3.5.4 and only a few mp3s in my collection and/or playlist (only about 10, because i am in testing stage ;) )
My Environment should not be the problem, although its not the bleeding edge:
AMD AthlonXP 1800
756 MB RAM
Kubuntut Dapper 6.0.6 with latest KDE.

Does anybody else have this problem?
Can i do something to improve this? - Sep 06 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 156 comments

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Jul 03 2008
I did some testing now. First ot mention:
If i start superkaramba from the console i get 6 times per second the following lines:
kio (KTrader): query for KDECompressionFilter : returning 1 offers
kio (Filter): KFilterBase::findFilterByMimeType(application/x-gzip) got 1 offers

If i run top i get the following values for superkaramba (for time i only looked at the diference in one minute):

0,0Std: ~4%CPU (TIME:~2,7 seconds in one minute)
0,5Std: ~10%CPU (TIME:~5,1 seconds in one minute)
1,0Std: ~25%CPU (TIME:~14,1 seconds in one minute)
1,5Std: ~54%CPU (TIME:~30,5 seconds in one minute)

CPU load seems to double every half hour.
I stopped the other themes (lwp and aeroAIO) running after 1 hour, to be sure once again, they are not the reason.
After 1,25Std CPU load was so high that my mouse gets dropouts about every second. So i stopped this experiment after 1,5Std, by reloading dbcalendar, and cpu goes down to normal.
Hope this will help to find the bug.
Could the ical file be the reason for the cpu rising? There are only a few dates in it, but who knows? - Aug 15 2006
I think my ambition will drive me to find the bug (wherever it is) ... :) - Aug 14 2006
If i get an idea for the reason, i will post it here, but i have no idea now.
Do you know a good idea to debug this on my machine? - Aug 14 2006
For some testing to find the bug i mentioned above that dbKalendar is consuming my CPU, i tried to unzip the skz and running the .theme file, but getting the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/dbKalendar/", line 485, in widgetUpdated
weekday = weekdays[showdayofweek]
KeyError: 5
Call to widgetUpdated failed

.skz Version runs.
Can't dbKalendar run as unzipped version? - Aug 12 2006
The CPU usage raises also without using Kontact. - Aug 04 2006
I have a problem with dbCalendar, that sometimes it raises the cpu usage to about 80%.
I got liquid weather and AeroAIO running in parallel, but the CPU consumption goes down if i reload dbcalendar.
I think it has to to with the fact that i opened Kontact, looked in my mail and closed it again, but i am not sure because it not happens always.
dbCalendar 0.9.1
Kubuntu 6.06
KDE 3.5.4 (on 3.5.3 same issue) - Aug 03 2006
Meant Milo Calendar ...
I didn't notice this bug there, maybe its because i did not put in all the birthdays yet.
Thanks for this fast fixing. Will try it if a new Version is out. - Jul 04 2006
i waited long for this seem getting iCal Support. I like its look, but formerly i used MiroCalendar because of iCal.
Just one little error:
It seems like if i put an allday event in KOrganizer, dbCalendar shows it on two days.
(In this case i added a birthday on 16th of July and dbCalendar shows it on 16th and 17th ) - Jul 03 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 30 comments

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Mar 12 2006
Version 1.3 seems to work. Maybe i will cut of some of the stations i do not see really, or i will try to change your theme to 2 columns .. if i will be able to.

Thx 4 your bugfix. - Mar 02 2006
I will check Version 1.1 when i am @home.
I will also send you an xml file that is generated by nxtvepg, so you may check if it is valid for your xml parser. - Feb 28 2006
I grab my xml with nxtvepg, so i do not need the grabber in your theme. I always export my xml file, so i have the actual program info already.
Is it possible to use an existing xml file, and not use the internal grabber? - Feb 27 2006
Stock Watch!

Karamba & Superkaramba 18 comments

by sound
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Mar 19 2011
Nice work. I like the design.
Before i used StockQuotes, but your design is more nice.
I would like to easy change the color of the text, so that it better fits to my desktop style.
A "nice to have" would be if you can use this theme as a little portfeuille manager. So you enter your amount and buyprice of the stock, and will also see the price difference for your stocks ... Maybe an example is better to explain:

AMD 29$ +1,04$/+3% (20Pc|25$: +80$/+19%)

Gunni - Jan 20 2006
US Satellite Image

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

by Matti
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Dec 02 2006
Did not test it till now, but at home i will test it. Anyways my idea (maybe it is integrated already).
For some people it would be nice, that other locations can be configured easyly.
For example if someone lives in europe and knows a URL of an european satelite image he should modify the theme with few steps. - Dec 08 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

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Oct 31 2019
I know Labrum in RL, so i know he has a son called Linus. As you can see on his homepage his baby looks quite similar to his avatar. - Dec 05 2005
Think it is his son: "Linus" - Dec 05 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 22 comments

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Oct 31 2005
I cannot reproduce this clearly, but the following error occurs sometimes:

Call to widgetUpdated failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.3/", line 919, in widgetUpdated
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.3/", line 883, in processMessages
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.3/", line 380, in processMessage
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.3/", line 362, in updateFileInfo
fileInfo = self.__fileInfoDict[]
KeyError: 342 - Oct 23 2005
Now that this nice theme is running on my desktop i had an idea:

If i want to play a shooter game i would like to have much resources free for the game, so it would be nice if there are buttons or something like that in the theme from which i can start/stop mldonkey.

So if i start an application/game that needs much cpu/bandwidth i can click on one button so that my donkey falls asleep, and when i am finished i can wake him up with one click.

If it is not possible or too much work, thx anyways for that great theme.

Frank - Oct 19 2005
Thx man that did the trick ... thought it was an actual because i installed Ubuntu Breezy and this came out 4 days ago.

But my version is:
MLNet 2.5-28.1: Multi-Network p2p client (Global Shares Gnutella G2 FileTP BitTorrent Donkey)

Thx for that Version 2.3 of ryomld :) :) :) - Oct 17 2005
I get the following error on startup of Version2.2:

gunni@ubuntu:~/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2$ superkaramba ryomld.theme
superkaramba: Starting theme: RyoMLD
superkaramba: /home/gunni/.superkaramba/ryomld.rc
superkaramba: Loading python module: ryomld
ryomld loaded
sys.path.insert(0, '/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/')
Call to widgetUpdated failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 919, in widg etUpdated
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 883, in proc essMessages
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 376, in proc essMessage
fileInfo = message.getFileInfo()
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 366, in ge tFileInfo
return self.__readFileInfoSubset()
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 302, in __ readFileInfoSubset
self.__skipListOf(self.__skipString) # fileInfo.uids
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 197, in __ skipListOf
nItems = self.__readInt16()
File "/home/gunni/themes/superkaramba/ryomld-2.2/", line 108, in __ readInt16
i, = struct.unpack("< h", self.__data[self.__pos:self.__pos + 2])
struct.error: unpack str size does not match format - Oct 16 2005

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
I installed KSmoothdock a while ago, but removed it, because of following:

I like my taskbar complete at the bottom of the page.
If i have my taskbar at the bottom AND KSmoothdock at the bottom it fills twice the space, because there is the taskbar AND KSmoothdock ...
If i choose autohide for the Taskbar, there is a unfine behaviour, that KSmoothdock is pushed to above to the taskbar, or under. I am @work, so i cant test it right now. There was an other strange behaviour, if i did a preference for the taskbar it was aplied to KSMoothdock (like autohide).
Now to my question:

Is it possible to install KSmoothdock as a replacdement for kicker, so that it integrates into the normal taskbar, and is not above or under it? - Oct 14 2005
Maxemum TV-Guide

Utilities 56 comments

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Mar 04 2007
I use nxtvepg ( grabbing my tvlistings.
At startup i dump the collected TV information to a file ~/listing.xml.

Is it possible to use this with maxemum? - Oct 05 2005