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Mar 27 2010
These features are not yet available from the GDM itself, and so they are still in a disabled state in the app as well. We are eagerly awaiting news that more features will be enabled in the GDM that we can support. - Jun 04 2010
Exosyst (the other developer of GDM2Setup) was working on that, last I checked. The problem is that the old themes are not compatible with the new GDM that the Gnome folk have released - and they do not seem to be creating a solution as of yet. So, this would seem to fall into our laps for a solution. Watch the releases and the news here and on the Launchpad project page - we will post as soon as we have selected a direction to go with this. - Apr 27 2010
I think I may have found why the image is not changing for Mint.. but the lockup part is still eluding me.

At what point does this occur? Immediately after installing? Or after making a specific use of the tool? - Apr 12 2010
If you can, please go the the 'About' button in the app and respond here with the version listed on the page there.

Since you are on a Debian based system, you can simply remove the application using 'apt-get' or 'aptitude' commands. If this does not return your system to working order, please perform a dump of your gconf settings for the 'gdm' user and post them to a bug in the Launchpad project so that we can assess and resolve this issue immediately. In fact, even if removing it DOES resolve the issue, please post a bug to the project directly. The url is - then click on the Bugs tab.

I would encourage using the PPA over manual installation of the DEB file, however, as updates will not occur automatically and you may actually have a version that is out of date. - Apr 10 2010
When you refer to there being no bottom pannel, do you mean the shutdown options and etc bar?

Which version of GDM2Setup have you installed and did you install it via the TGZ, DEB or PPA methods? - Apr 10 2010
As I said - please give more information, or better yet report the bug, if it is one, to the project so that others can benefit from your wisdom.

Do not forget that many (if not all) of the free software tools like this are developed by people that are not paid to do so, and they work regular jobs as well. This means that taking a few days to respond can some times happen. In cases where the bug is a critical one - reporting it to the project, as such, would have flagged several people immediately and a response would have been faster. - Apr 05 2010
I am not sure what you are trying to say here. If you are having difficulties - please DO ask for help.

The app DOES have an un-install (as any deb file does) built into the process of creating it. No bugs have been filed with the project that I am aware of which address this issue or anything like it.

Rather than cast negative light on some ones efforts - why not do the responsible, and community thing -report any bugs that you find and assist the developers in creating a better solution. You can do so on the Launchpad Community site that is listed here with the app. - Apr 04 2010
Certainly! :) The most recent version and a source TGZ as well, will always be available from Launchpad. I have added the link and the download both to the node above.

Thank you for the suggestion! - Mar 27 2010

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Apr 12 2010
Yes - thank you. The bug is now listed on the project in regards to the new beta and the xsplash issue. A new version with that resolved is expected within the week. - Apr 13 2010
:) Excellent! I am DLing Viper now and look very forward to seeing it in action. I like the darker (and blue) theme from the screenshots. - Mar 08 2010
Thank you for the kind comment. We are trying to get it into Lucid - but we had missed the deadline for the freeze - and so we are now attempting to give valid reason for an exception to be made in the case of GDM2Setup. If we can give a compelling enough reason, it might still be included. - Mar 08 2010
Yes it is as of version 0.5.0. - Mar 07 2010
Excellent! I look forward to trying it out. It looks very nice! - Mar 02 2010
Please do include it! We want Lucid to as well if we can get their attention. - Mar 02 2010