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Pier Paolo Glave , Italy
Karamba & Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 10 comments

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Apr 28 2009

I don't seem to have this problem in my environment, with googleweather.

The city names, in my case, are saved by means of karamba.writeConfigEntry(), and therefore go to the config file that is ~/.superkaramba/theme_name.rc.

Could you check if such a file is created?

Pier - Nov 17 2009

I think that the right package for Debian could be "python-kde4" or "kdebindings".

I don't think java is involved here.

Let me know...

Pier - Nov 19 2008
I had that problem also on my environment, for other widgets using python.
It seems to depend on a missing library:

On Fedora 9, I could solve it by installing a package named "kdebindings".

I hope this helps for you.
Thanks for the feedback.

Pier - Nov 19 2008
QuickLauncher Applet

Plasma 4 Widgets 130 comments

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Nov 15 2008
Eventually I succeeded in installing and using this widget on my Fedora 9 (which is still with KDE 4.1 - I haven't upgraded yet).

I only had to tune the "CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX". You may consider to fix it in further releases.

Pier - May 07 2009
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May 07 2009
Spoons Original

Plasma Themes
by ivancukic

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May 07 2009