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Gil Castro Ermesinde (Porto), Portugal
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PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

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Jul 11 2010
Thanks, I hope you like PlaybaK.
By the way, that rpm (just like the source code that we can't compile) is not the version that's published here (it was the next version, just not finished yet) and it contains stuff that was used just for testing (you'll see a button with "ola ola ola ola ola" over the videos, sorry).
Unfortunately we haven't had much time for PlaybaK but we'll try to release the new version soon. - Aug 10 2011
I'm sorry taking so long again, I've been a little busy.
You had the problem I told you I had too. And when I try to solve an error I get 2 more errors :s
This rpm was compiled in my computer which was running openSUSE 11.3 (or 11.4), I tried to install it on my 11.4 and it works but its x86_64. Here's the package: - Aug 10 2011
Sorry taking so long but here's the maybe most recent PlaybaK done before the project "restarted":
This version wasn't published here since it wasn't ready yet (and was in the hard disk of my broken laptop).
I'm having problems compiling any PlaybaK version because of some functions that don't always return something, the compiler used to accept that before, now it doesn't. Tell me if you can compile.
Fortunately I found an RPM in my laptop with this version, if you are looking for an RPM, I can publish it. - Aug 06 2011
I'm sorry but I lost the most recent source code of this version. I found here a version which I think is "between" 0.0.6 and 0.0.7. I can send it to you (or add a link here). Later I'll try to disassemble my broken laptop in which I think there was the most recent source code.
The development of this version has stopped since last year and now I'm working in team to make a new PlaybaK, it is available in but for now it can't even play videos. - Aug 02 2011
Thank you for helping us make PlaybaK better but we're making PlaybaK from scratch. That file works on PlaybaK 0.0.7 but maybe won't work on the new PlaybaK.
If you want I can send you the translation file some weeks before the release of the new PlaybaK. Unfortunately we don't have much time yet to develop it... - Apr 19 2011
The project is still alive but we're not having enough free time to develop it. It will take a few months but we will release the new PlaybaK :) - Mar 10 2011
Thank you :) - Nov 27 2010
Hi, as I said before, we are making PlaybaK from scratch.
This new version isn't on Gitorious anymore, it is on Launchpad now ( but we are very busy (especially me) so you might have to wait some months for it. The version in Launchpad isn't "usable" yet.
I hope you'll like new PlaybaK :) - Nov 27 2010
Thank you.
We are making PlaybaK from scratch to make it better. I hope you'll like. - Sep 27 2010
Thanks, it looks great and real.
Next version will have it :P - Jul 31 2010
I had an idea of a new way to display the collection, it's not like you said but maybe it will make it easier to do some of what you said.
PlaybaK already can suggest you songs by artist from the same country but the only way to set the countries is editing the file HOME/.kde4/share/apps/kmp/artists so far. I know this is not really what you said. But later it will be.
I'll try to do what you want or partially and the rest can be done using plugins. - Jul 20 2010
Thanks but don't forget this player is still in development, what you see is about 20% of what it will be.
I'll do what you want but probably only after making it stable and complete. I just didn't understand this: "Better control over the display and media library management." What did you mean? - Jul 19 2010
This doesn't seem to be working...
gil@linux-j0qg:~/Projectos/KMP> git pull
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

What's wrong? I uploaded the key. - Jul 14 2010
Can you help me add a new public SSH key? It asks me for that but I don't know how to do that :S - Jul 14 2010
Ok... I'll create a repository. - Jul 14 2010
What if someone is working on the same file as me? - Jul 14 2010
We'll see if you'll convince me after at least this question: How does it work (I can ask this way too: How do I work?)?
If you convice me I'll create the repository. :P - Jul 14 2010
Ok. Thank you. - Jul 13 2010
Did it show the same error? - Jul 13 2010
Thanks, I've just added the link.
But there's already a package for Kubuntu made by samrog (but I'm not sure if it is updated). - Jul 13 2010
Thank you, but it already works...
I know it is too buggy and only 25% of it is done but it works. - Jul 13 2010
Try installing gettext-tools. - Jul 12 2010
I use Smooth Tasks ( as taskbar and the dictionary icon is Translatoid, a translator that uses Google Translator. - Jul 11 2010
Thanks, it's already updated. - Jul 11 2010
Ok, thank you.
I've just updated the link. - Jul 11 2010
What distro do you use? I've compiled it on Kubuntu and openSUSE and it works.
I'll release next week new version perhaps. New version won't use sqlite so you won't have those problems.
It only depends on KDE4, QT4, taglib and sqlite.
I'll try not to forget to add a INSTALL file on next version.
#include "sqlite3.h" includes a file that's in the same folder where KMP source code is. - Jun 24 2010
Those logos are great and thanks to you I had this idea: (the line behind is supposed to look like a sound wave, I don't know if it's easy to understand that)
Do you think it's good? - Jun 14 2010
I'm programing in C++, using KDevelop and QT Designer. - Jun 12 2010
Thank you.
Those features are great but they won't be easy to do... Maybe on version 0.0.8 or 0.0.9 I'll make the screensaver but the other part will take longer to be made. But sooner or later it will have both features working. - Jun 11 2010
Thanks, I had a little problem which made me think I had solved that but actually I released version 0.0.6 with the problem again.
But next version has that already fixed and it won't use sql. I'll release new version in the end of this month. - Jun 08 2010
I thought of that but if you search "KMP" or "KDE Media Player" you'll understand it's not a good idea because there's KMPlayer and there are a lot of KDE Media Players...
Thanks anyway for your comment. - Jun 07 2010
Don't worry, those warnings are normal.
Currently I'm programming it on openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 7 and it works correctly. - Jun 07 2010
Thank you :)
The poll has already started but I'll make a new one for KoolPlayer and PlaybaK (since PlaybaK is the winner so far). - Jun 06 2010
(sim acertaste xD)

I know there are repeated buttons but the ones in the video frame are optional (but I didn't add the option to hide them yet).
The lyrics are on the header because it is useless while I can't make it show visualizations.
In case you can't understand some parts of the UI check the mockup made by menace1982 (look at the description), some parts aren't done yet so you may find the UI has some strange parts.

(respondi em Inglês só para poderem todos perceber)

Mais uma vez obrigado e é bom (e raro) encontrar aqui alguém Português. - May 26 2010
KDE Media Player is still under development. Some basic features are missing but ratings support using Nepomuk will be supported on next version. Smart playlists support will be added maybe on version 0.0.8. - May 24 2010
Thank you for your ideas.

1. I had that idea too and maybe I'll do that but only after doing the most important things
2. Technically it already has that but I commented that code because it didn't work well (if you want to try it and have the source code just uncomment the lines 237 to 245 of the file kmp.cpp) but later I'll try to make it work better.
3. What do you mean with this one?
4. That's one of my priorities for 0.0.7 or 0.0.8
5. Can you explain better this one? (if it's what I think it was one of my ideas too)
6. I'll make a poll so people can vote for the best name, I vote for PlaybaK :D. - May 14 2010
The error happened because kmp was trying to use equalizer but your backend doesn't support it.
About the collection, are you sure you added folders in collection settings? - May 14 2010
Are you using Xine backend?
Try to open the file kmpbase.cpp from the source code and write // in the beginning of the lines 346, 347, 348, 349, 350 and compile it again. - May 13 2010
Do you mind trying to do the same but with the collection working? - May 13 2010
So you mean kmp loads automatically an avi file?
Did you check collection settings? - May 13 2010
So you mean it works but when you try to open a file it gives that error, right?
Does it work if you open a file from collection?
Do you mind opening it in console and paste it? - May 13 2010
For now I'll do the planned features but after it will have the features people ask so if you want dvb it can have but not for now... - May 12 2010
I guess I know what's the problem, you have to change some files. Read the comment by cjann on Apr 11 2010 . I'll fix that problem on next version. - May 12 2010

On console (let's suppose kmp006 is the folder where you extracted the source code):
cd kmp006
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. (don't forget the 2 dots)
sudo make install

If you don't want to install it just run kmp006/build/src/kmp

Tell me if it doesn't work. - May 12 2010
Sorry, I guess I forgot to change some includes...
I'll solve that for next version.
Btw, are the icons working now? - May 11 2010
Yeah, it works, thanks. I thought QTreeView was better so I didn't try QTreeWidget. - Apr 14 2010
I want a QTreeView for collection part in KDE Media Player.
This is an example:
||-+Artist 1
|| |-Song 1
|| |-Song 2
||-+Artist 2
| |-Song 1
| |-+Movie 1
| |-+Movie 2 - Apr 14 2010
Thank you but that example just shows files and folders in the QTreeView and that's not what I wanted. I already tried some QT examples, I saw this one too and another one but it was too confusing and maybe what I need... - Apr 13 2010
Ok, thanks for your idea anyway. Since both projects are open source, we are already sharing. - Apr 11 2010
Yes, don't worry, next version will have that problem solved.
If you want you can upload the package and tell me so I can add a link on this page. - Apr 11 2010