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Joris Guisson
.torrent file editor

Utilities 6 comments

Score 58.0%
Jun 07 2005
As one of the developers of KTorrent, this certainly is a handy tool for me, better then my commandline thing to print out information about torrents.

You should add the possibility to open torrents from the commandline.So you can type btype foobar.torrent, and you don't have to go through the menus. - Mar 19 2006

Network 199 comments

Score 86.3%
Jan 17 2013
Got a link to the torrent ? - Sep 07 2005
We'll make sure that 1.1 can start minimized. - Sep 07 2005
We did away with popup error messages in this release. - Sep 07 2005
I haven't heard any complaints about corrupted downloads. So if you want to get this fixed either file a bug report at or post a link to the torrent. - Jul 28 2005